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Why book me to perform at your event?

I started singing when I was three and have not looked back since. Growing up in a musical family has enabled me to learn, love and live music. My aim whenever I perform is to share a little piece of the beauty that is found deep inside the lyrics and behind the chords. Each song I perform is chosen carefully, it has a meaning to me and is more than the regular “crowd pleaser.

To listen to my “Instagram Acapellas” please click here.
If you are looking for an “all rounder” then I am not for you; and that’s ok. I am not everyone’s cup of tea. However if you love a Post Modern Jukebox vibe , don’t mind a quirky vintage version of a classic tune and want something a bit different, then I am the Yorkshire Lass you need!

To enquire about working with me as an influencer please click here for more information.

To listen to my Youtube channel, please click here. Alternatively, please scroll down for further information on how to book / enquire.

What I perform

  • Modern music with a soulful twist
  • Music from the 1950’s – 1960’s
  • Modern songs sung in a “Georgia version”
  • Soul, Blues, Swing, Motown & Funky Pop

How to book

email me at to enquire abut availability

When enquiring, please provide the following details:

  • Length of set time required
  • Location (so I can work out travel time etc)
  • Please specify if a PA system is provided or if I need to provide one
  • Which set up is required (myself and backing tracks, myself and acoustic guitarist, myself and full band)
  • A little bit more information about the event, you and how you found me
  • Any special requirements

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