10 Instagram Outfits I Loved In April 2018

10 Instagram Outfits In March 2018-3  Well Well Well, April was a great one. This year, I made a quiet promise to myself that I would get out more (not in a “I am an old lady with cats”) kind of way – more so just to experience new things. I want to attend more vintage events and meet up with more creatives. There are so many people who inspire me over on social media, I decided to make it my mission to meet them in real life too.

One of these was the Festival Of Vintage in York.

You can read about my adventures by clicking here. It was a great day and lovely to meet some new people too. April saw me busy with gigs as festival and performance season has well and truly begun. As always, I am busy writing new material (and re-writing it as I am a perfectionist.) Generally, April was a great month for new opportunities musically, personally and professionally too.

Drip Drip Drip It was April (Sun) Showers….

Starting from last month, I have been rounding up my favourite outfits and putting them all into a long post for you all to wander through. The last one was met with such a great reception and a record breaking number of reads on that post also. SO, here we are again. Here are my top 10 favourite Instagram outfits in April! Again, and just for fun (no affiliation) – I have included some alternatives to help you achieve the same look……

• Another one 💁🏻‍♀️ because I am not afraid to post photos of me “not being vintage or retro” • If I have a high street sweat shirt on, converse and plain jeans, it doesn’t mean I’m “not authentic.” I’ve not fallen out of love with vintage, I’m not poorly or tired or feeling low. I’ve not “stopped being retro” or decided to “dress normally” as some people put it. 🛑 I didn’t put myself into any of the above boxes, you did. The simplicity of it is, today I threw this on because I had an early driving lesson, looked after my messy toddler and then went into the studio to do some writing / recording. This is just me, some days I wear crazy outfits and fancy heels, other days I just about manage to brush my hair. It’s balance and it’s real life. Please be careful of your words before they leave your heart, they may one day impact someone more than you intend. ❤️

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  Kicking off the month with this casual bargain outfit! I wrote a big huge post over on my instagram and blog due to feeling like I always have to “be vintage.”

If you want a recap, you can read all about it by clicking here…

Sometimes, I just want to wear a simple jeans, tee or hoody without being judged and jumped on suddenly for “not being vintage enough”

Forever hunting is an understatement when describing this slogan sweater. After seeing it on someone’s instagram story, I knew I needed to try and find it! Can you believe that it is from Primark?! Well, I tried eBay, Facebook selling sights and even asked some of my online friends to try and hunt it out for me.

But no such luck.

Then it just so happened that I was in Leeds visiting my brother and popped into Primark. There was ONE left hanging on the end of a rail, and in my size. So of course, it came home with me and I have been raving about it ever since. The red slogan is quite fluffy though so it does leave a trail of fluff wherever you go. Paired with black skinny jeans and my favourite red spotty converse.

Links below in the “Shop the Look” are not affiliated, purely just for fun and no profit is gained by me posting these. A lot of the time, I just want to know where I can get a similar outfit when I see something fab posted on Instagram. This is the reason why I do these posts every month with linked suggestions!

Shop the look here 1: The Casual Bargain Outfit

Black JeansRed Converse

Today’s #sundayootd inspired by a post I saw on @reddoorfashion ‘s Instagram! This is why I love social media, meeting and following new people too. Inspiration is everywhere. I have had this vintage skirt for years now – it was the first original vintage piece I bought from @blue.rinse.vintage in Leeds. Ever since, I’ve been hooked on original and reproduction vintage fashion. I have always worn this in a more “floaty, girly” way but seeing @reddoorfashion Natalie’s post gave me some inspiration to toughen it up a bit with a slogan tee and some bright converse! Living five mins away from fields full of cows and sheep, sometimes makes me feel like the brightest dot in the countryside! Never be afraid to follow new people and interact with them, you may just find a little treasure! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ • • Wearing as previous post: Tee – @primark Skirt – vintage – @blue.rinse.vintage Hair rose – @tara_nashville_flowers Red spotty shoes – @converse

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Whilst I adore true and original vintage pieces, I also equally love mixing them with high street pieces. This outfit was inspired by another Instragrammer who posted her outfit of the day and made me realise that I had something very similar. This pretty vintage skirt has always given me all the ladylike feels. Admittedly, I have sometimes wondered what else to pair with it other than a girly floaty top.

After some quick inspiration, I realised that I could definitely pair it with a slogan tee and some converse to toughen it all up a bit. My husband took this photo on a country lane near where we live. We were hungover a tad after having lots of wine the night before (me) and this was taken right after we both consumed a big full English breakfast.

Shop the look here: 2 – The Mix It Up Vintage & High Street Outfit.

Red PumpsWhite Frilly SocksSlogan TeeVintage Pleated skirt

 Primark is WINNING in my April wardrobe this month. They have some great pieces in at the moment. If you are unsure, I think it is more a case of what you pair them with. This red and white striped shirt is tailored and a great cut for me. Paired with the Polly skirt from Collectif and coordinating red heels.

This is why I love blue, red and white. Simply, any combination of this nautical colour scheme just works. This is a simple look that I wore to the office. But substitute the shirt for a tee shirt and swap the heels for converse or flats and this also works for a casual weekend.

Shop the look here: 3 – The Nautical Nancy Outfit.

Stripey ShirtPolly Skirt CollectifRed ShoesStripe Shirt

 Pink to make them wink

Well, this one is a special outfit. I wore this to my grandma’s funeral back in 2010 as she hardly wore black and we were asked to wear vibrant colours to reflect this. I sang Amazing Grace at my grandma’s graveside in this dress.

The sky had been murky grey all day but the moment I started singing this song to her, the clouds parted and the sun shined down on us. It was one of those moments that you know you will treasure forever. This is why I just cannot part with this dress just yet.

The cut is great and over the years as my shape has changed it has fit me in different ways. When I was slimmer it never seemed as short as it is now when I wear it. But that’s booty gains and curves for you. I always feel at peace and warmth when I wear this. Every wardrobe should have one of these outfits.

Shop the look here: 4 – The Sentimental Bright Beauty Outfit.

Cerise Skater DressShoesHeadbandPink Bardot Dress

  Jumpsuits. I almost named my band after them. I wear them that much that it just became “a thing” within the band that I perform under – “We should be called The Jumpsuits.” Not actually a bad idea that, due to the large number hanging in my wardrobe. They are basically adult onesies. Comfortable and stand out at the same time. Well this one, would you believe what I am going to say – AGAIN – is Primark.

I guess it is easy to see where April’s wage went….. Really light, I wore this with bright flats and a coloured cardi to work. Once I got home, the sunshine was well and truly out so I wore without the cardigan. I actually bought this for myself as a treat when I passed my theory test!

Shop the look here: 5 – The Summer Jumpsuit You Definitely Need In Your Wardrobe Outfit.

White GlassesCharlie Stones flats

    PEACHES. Nothing to see here but PEACHES.

I love them. When I found out that Collectif were releasing a peach print in their new SS18 collection, I knew it was the one for me. These shots were taken in Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.

Also, literally 30 seconds after my husband snapped these, we were invaded by French Bulldogs. It must have been their “day out” club or something as there were about 30 all of a sudden running all around! It was great.

Here, I have paired this peach top with a true vintage pleated skirt and my converse. Some years ago, when I was still getting “into vintage” this was an easy go to outfit of mine. A vintage pleated skirt and a pretty top. It is really easy to style and also works great as a casual “mum” outfit for when you have to wipe runny noses and go down the slide for the millionth time.

Shop the look here: 6 – The Peachy Keen Outfit

ConverseGlassesPeachy Delores Top Collectif

 If you follow me regularly, you will know that I do love the sixties but I also dress in the fifties era too. Especially when I am performing. I think it is the swish of the skirt that just makes me want to jump around a stage and this is the reason why I prefer performing in a big fifties number. Clothes soumld have movement in them, and even more so when there is music involved.

This cobalt blue “skirt” is indeed a vintage prom dress worn as a skirt instead. The straps are tucked in and I have paired this with the yellow tiki shirt from Hell Bunny instead. Shoes are from the amazing new collection la Veintinueve and I can whole heartedly say that I danced all night in these and they didn’t hurt one bit! As always, I wore with frilly socks and completed the outfit with a yellow flower in my hair.

Shop the look here: 7 – Yellow Blue Is The One For You Outfit

FlowerBlue SkirtMargot shoes

  Lilac is a a colour that I wish I had more of in my wardrobe. It is soft, and goes with so many other colours instantly adding a spring like feel. I spotted this lilac cropped jumper from Rocket Originals at The Festival of Vintage and as it was on offer, it had to come join my wardrobe right? Not just confined to April or spring like months, this is a colour I will wear throughout the year.

The pleather midi pencil skirt I bought last year from Dorothy Perkins in the sale. The cut is a really great fit and I have worn this over and over with all sorts of different colours. Ever one to match my shoes to my outfit, of course I had to finish this off with my lilac heels that I got from Yull. This was another office outfit and I love the simple tailoring.

Shop the look here: 8 – The Lilac and Leather Outfit

Lilac ShoesBlack Pencil SkirtLilac Sweater

 If one photograph could sum up how much fun I was having on this day, well this would be it. My friend took this of me and my other friend in York at the end of April’s Festival of Vintage. Wearing the new delores shell wiggle dress and my hair higher than heaven of course meant that fun was due to be had. I had anticipated a day full of walking, dancing and bargain hunting so for this – Jellies. Paired with a white frilly sock.

I live in jellies during the summer if I can.

They are honestly the most comfortable things I have ever worn. Of course, they even made me jump for joy like in this photo.

I must admit, being one of the only “sixties” lovers at The Festival of Vintage did make me a bit apprehensive at first. There was nobody else to be found with a big old closer to God beehive like mine. But after getting settled in and seeing a few familiar faces, I had a grand time!

Shop the look here: 9 – The Printed Wiggle Outfit

Pearl HeadbandWhite Ankle SocksShell Delores Dress

 Right at the end of April, came a geo patterned sun dress from Madcap. I highly recommend Madcap England’s range of easy to wear shift dresses. They wash great, retain their patterns/colours and you can dress them up or down. I would wear this for a family day out, pair with tights and my trusty sun jellies (this time, the glitter sparkle ones.) It may not be advisable to have worn white when April showers were due, but we ducked in and out of them like a pro. We had the English weather – handled – yes we did.

Shop the look here: 10 – The Patterned Shift Casual but Still Sassy Outfit

White framesOrange EarringsGlitter Sun JelliesMadcap Sun Daisy Dress


Well, if you got this far – well done. Thank you for reading my summary of my April outfits. As always, the links above and in this blog post are non affiliated in anyway. They are purely just for fun and just to assist my readers with finding great outfits ands being inspired. If you love these post, I would love to hear from you. April was a great one for me, although it did flash before my eyes. I would recommend the Festival of Vintage, the Huddersfield Record Fair. I also love a good April Bank Holiday.

If you have a favourite memory of April, let me know! Until next month – G – xx


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