10 Instagram Outfits I Loved in March 2018

10 Instagram Outfits In March 2018 March. It flew by and I didn’t even blink. From what I remember, it was mostly snowed under anyway. One of the Friday’s I passed my theory and then my little girl turned two. We threw her a Dory / Minions / all the other characters she loves kinda party. Cake was involved. But yes, March was mostly Snow. If you follow me on my instagram page then you will be aware that I am mixing things up a bit.

For a long time I have always posted a lot and interacted a little. Mainly due to me feeling a bit “too open” to critics if I actually pour my heart out a little on each post. So I have restricted myself to short captions. As a metaphor, I have been sitting in the corner facing the wall. Unsure of how to join in. The instagram crowd is daunting hey?

Marching into March like…

2018 and I promised myself that I would branch out a bit this year. Leaving my comfort zone, exploring new things and making changes. So here I am. Each month I will be doing a nice little round up of ten favourite outfits. Just for fun, no sponsored links. There will be a “shop the look” link for each one, but they are not affiliated and purely just for suggestion purposes only. Enjoy peaches and as always, let me know what you think! G xx

 The above “Bette” dress is from Dolly & Dotty. Their wiggle dresses are true to size, this one is a size 10. Initially I was concerned that the shoulders would keep falling down. Actually, they sit ever so gently just off the shoulder and stay put. If the photos are not showing, click on the link and it will take you to the outfit suggestion. This dress comes in two colour ways. Do you prefer the white and blue version? March started out well at least!

Shop the look here – The Floral Off The Shoulder Wiggle Outfit.

See, I forewarned you about the March weather. What on earth do you wear in the snow? From the above, basically not anything that bares your midriff. Unless you are brave. My shoes for this month consisted of these white “snow boots” that I have had for years. Originally from amazon, they are fleece lined and grip great in ice and snow. Not exactly on my normal Glamazon radar but meh, they will do.

Shop the look here – The Crop Fluffy Midriff in The Snow Outfit

 Now sold out, this rubix cube skirt is from Lindy Bop. You may still find the odd one floating about on a selling group or over on eBay. Funnily enough, that’s where I found mine! I should have just purchased it when it went in the sale. After putting it off, when I finally went to get one – they had all sold out. Saddest story of our lives right.

Paired with black boots from New Look and a simple black top for major impact. I have included alternatives in the link below. (again non affiliated, just alternatives!) You will also notice a common theme in these March outfits…. snow & fashion don’t always mix well.

Shop the look here – The Brighter Than Life Skirt Kinda Outfit

This was a shoot for my blog – read the post here. Leopard print is basically LIFE. Genuinely, this was a trip to the park with my family. Pushing my little girl on the swings, then my husband got these shots. I wear these white mary janes a LOT. No apologies, they are so comfy. Originally from Office, many years back. They have served me well and with a good polish (or a right good baby wipe in my case #mumlife) they have lasted well.

My top is vintage, again one I wear a lot. It is just comfy and I love the bright colour. Yes I went to the park in heels ……

Shop the look here – The Leopard Print is Life Outfit

• be kind to unkind people • • they need it the most •. . . ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨. This week, being kind is something I am truly trying to focus on. It’s hard work!! Our first instinct is to to look after yourself and not to put others first. I’m guilty of it hands up 🙋🏻‍♀️ but I’ve seen unkindness in action and it’s so much more destructive. So, take a pint of milk to your neighbour next door. Hold the bus for someone, make your work colleague a cuppa tea when you make yours. Compliment someone on their outfit, their hair or encourage them. If someone is 10p short and you have it, be kind. You will never truly know the impact you can have by doing one small act of kindness. If you do it, let me know, I will do a random act of kindness on my instagram and send one of you something if you get in touch to let me know what you did that made someone smile! GO ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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Of course, every now and again I like to wear something unexpected. Purely because it catches my eye. A pink floral kimono crop may initially seem like something out of my comfort zone. But when you look at the shape of it, it is very similar to what I have already in my wardrobe.

For me, it is always shapes over anything else. Often, I will pair a crop with high waisted trousers. Seemingly it is a “go – to” combination that I reach for. An additional flower crown, well why not. Even if it is not real March weather outside, well it can be floral pretend March inside. Everyone can experiment right?

Shop the look here – The You Can Always Rely On A Flower Crown Outfit

I am thinking of doing a Q&A over the weekend in a bid to “be a bit more social” – after all that’s what social media is for right? DM me your questions, post them on my feed, email me, Facebook me etc etc. I will collect them all and do my best to answer! ❤️ • • • Yesterday’s most fabulous brighter than life dress from @popsyclothing • if you follow my story – you will see that I was maaaybe a bit high on churros and this beautiful dress (sugar rush🤦🏻‍♀️) – also HELLO to you all that got in touch, said hi (or amazing) – always lovely to hear from you lovely lot. • • • #popsyclothing #brightandbeautiful #brightandbeautifuldress #georgiaharrup #ootdsocialclub #vintageootd #vintageclothing #vintageootdsocialclub #vintageootdsociety

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 Follow me on Instagram and you will remember that this particular day sent me a bit crazy. Due to eating churros for the first time ever as well as this dazzling dress! My first ever order from Popsy Clothing, it was a bargain and in the sale. A few washes later and it is still in perfect shape and a favourite of mine. It is 100% one of my “happy outfits.” If I ever need a quick pick me up when I open my wardrobe doors, I would reach for this first. Paired with black thick tights because – SNOW. Who would have thought it in March.

Shop the look here – The Razzle Dazzle Sazzle Your Eyes Outfit

 One of my most used tee-shirts is this one originally from Joanie Clothing. Now sold out, but they have some fab alternative slogan tees on there. The gingham jeans are “the Joni” from Topshop. If you are a curvy girl, have a big peach or just prefer more high waisted jeans, these are for you.

I first heard about them via one of my very good “instagram buddies” – I purchased these from Gemma. Visit her blog here. Of course, I did try want to photograph the jelly purse bag on this day, but March snow said otherwise. You can read my review here.

Shop the look here – The Jelly Purse In The Snow Outfit.

Seamstress of Bloomsbury have THE most comfortable jumpsuits. Lusting after warmer weather, I have wanted to shoot this for some time now but it has been too cold. My daughters birthday was just an informal get together at home with cake. Seen as I was inside, it was perfect “weather” to wear this! I actually paired this with a white Bardot cropped top underneath. During the summer, I will probably wear this with a pair of my favourite sun jellies, over and over again.

Shop the look here – The Jumpsuit At My Daughters Birthday Bash Outfit.

 In March, I really did not think I would still be in tights and re-wearing my winter dresses. A perfect Monday march outfit is this thrifted dress from TU Clothing / Sainsburies. Originally, I spotted this on depop at a bargain price and once it arrived I realised it was a supermarket steel. I fell in love with this for the bright mustard colour, heavy fabric and neckline. Whenever I need a quick outfit, it seems like I always throw this one on. Paired with the thickest black tights (again – march – what?!) and Ruby Shoo shoes.

Shop the look here – The Thrifted Throw On Dress Outfit

  When you have a four day weekend, and a dress down Thursday at work (instead of Friday) what do you wear? Overalls from Voodoo Vixen of course. Although this quick selfie doesn’t show it, I had bright red heeled boots on for the night time (converse for day.) Dancing all night was my aim. In reality, I had an early night after only two cocktails and some midnight cookie dough. After all, it was a Thursday. Didn’t want to get too carried away.  My peachy tee is from Sugar Pop Kiss linked below.

Shop the look here – The Out Out Straight From Work Outfit.

That’s March for you!

First of all, I hope you love this March round up of outfits and links. Secondly, again just so you know – these are not affiliated. I have taken the time to link and post this purely so you can find great outfits and have fun putting them together. Most of all, if you are inspired by any outfits I have posted, please let me know I would love to hear from you. Now let’s see what April has in store……


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