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Untitled  Christmas Day. Dress down Friday’s. Themed jumper days at work, or for when nothing else fits after eating too much christmas pudding. Don’t deny it, you need a Christmas jumper. Or maybe even jumpers plural. Some people have one trusty jumper that they have worn every year for the last decade, some buy new ones each Christmas and some detest them all together.

I have a few in my collection – last year I bought a belter from Aldi would you believe. A turquoise jumper with a pink christmas flamingo on it which saw me through a good few drunken evenings. This particular one is still hanging in my wardrobe but as it featured heavily in last years festivities (and photographic evidence) I think it might be time to pass it on and have a new one for this year. 

The “cute” Christmas jumper

First on my list is the typical cutesy cute christmas jumper. You know, something that makes you go “aw” but doesn’t really stand out and goes nicely with jeans. Well, this year, my jumper of choice was something a bit cute. Who doesn’t love a little Christmas deer?? It comes in so many colours and is a bit oversized which I don’t mind. I actually found this little deer on eBay.

The one I am wearing is a size small and cost me £3.99 total. It is available in grey, navy, green and red. Someone has since pointed out that maybe my christmas Bambi is a bit possessed due to its vibrant red eyes. I love it anyway! I feel like this is one of those jumpers that you can wear in November and it doesn’t automatically scream “too keen for Crimbo.” You can also cleverly disguise this as a non festive outfit by carefully placing your hair over the most festive parts of the jumper. This way if you do decide to wear it in November then you can get away with it.

You can find it on eBay by clicking here.


The slogan Christmas jumper

Good tonics we bring…. to you and your gin. Okay so perhaps not so appropriate to wear to your religious Grandma’s house but (almost) everyone loves a clever slogan right?? I like this Christmas jumper because it is unisex. It is clever enough to not cause offence. Although a little more expensive than others, this is a good one to wear to the office on Christmas Jumper Day, just don’t take any gin (or at least hide it well.) Made from a cotton blend, it is smart. You could even get away with a tailored shirt underneath if you don’t want to be too casual. For added novelty, this slogan also comes on a mug and a card too! You can purchase it from Etsy here (not a sponsored link purely a great find!)

original_good-tonics-we-bring-unisex-christmas-jumper  The ugly Christmas jumper

Everyone has one, admit it. We all own an ugly trashy novelty Christmas jumper don’t we?! I searched high and low for this cracker. After all, who doesn’t want a jumper that has extra pockets for a sneaky christmas tipple. Available from “Your Sassy Grandma” over on Etsy, there are just too many bad choices to purchase. Each jumper is up cycled and a one of a kind. Perfect for winning that “ugliest jumper crown.” Untitled

 I am well aware that it is only still November and wearing a Christmas jumper before your tree up may be occasionally frowned upon. BUT, when did I ever start playing by the rules. Life is there to be enjoyed. If it means owning several tacky and trashy christmas jumpers then so be it.




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