3 Christmas Traditions I created for myself!

Hurray for Christmas Traditions!

If the tree is up, it is officially Christmas which must mean that Christmas traditions are on their way right?! This week, my little girl and I actually put up the Christmas tree together! She is 3 and a half and this year finally understands the concept of Christmas! Last year, she enjoyed eating the baubles and pulling the tree apart. Also, it took her all day to open her presents last Christmas too – and not because she had a lot. She simply didn’t realise that they were for her; she opened one and wanted to play with it for a few hours!

But hurray for 2019 because the magic of Christmas is alive in her eyes, she excitedly rushes to bed after asking how many sleeps are left and each morning she can’t wait to see what the elf on the shelf is up to!

Christmas traditions are yours to create.

Growing up, we didn’t really have many obvious Christmas traditions or at least ones that I can remember. My parents never cooked one Christmas meal for all 6 of us. Instead, my Dad would ask us in November what we all wanted to eat. My brother would say sushi; my middle sister would say pickled onions and my youngest sister would ask for something else random. So on Christmas Day, my parents would spend the morning cooking 4 different dishes and then sort themselves out.

Does that count?

Sometimes we had a stocking on the end of our bed and my mum would always wrap our Christmas presents in a carrier bag before she wrapped them in paper to try and stop us from peeking. Not the most environmentally friendly way but hey.


Just us three.

The first of my Christmas traditions is one that started 10 years ago. My husband (then boyfriend!) decided to spend Christmas Day just us in our little apartment one year. It was so peaceful. We had a lie in on Christmas morning, the Queen’s Speech on at 3 and fell asleep in front of the telly watching movies together by 6pm.

We were both working flat out around Christmas and we only managed to get the 25th and 26th of December to spend together. So we wanted to just spend it with each other and chill instead of having to travel between my parents and his family. I can imagine that you are reading this and thinking that we are selfish. You are entitled to that opinion. But for us, it was freeing.

As less stress as possible!

A lot of people say that Christmas should be about spending it with family and seeing everybody. We still do this, just either side of the 25th. This day is reserved to just chill together, open each other’s gifts, cook food and enjoy the day with as little stress as possible.

Now we are a three, we still do the same but just with an added pair of feet running around. It is my favourite of the Christmas traditions that we now have in our little family.


Boxing Day sales galore!

Another on the list of Christmas traditions is the all-important get up and go on Boxing Day! My mother in law has been a huge help since we had our little girl and for the last three years she has had her on Boxing Day morning so that my hubs and me can hit the shops.

Sometimes we spend vouchers that we got as presents, other years we have just got all the bargains. I have quite a few birthdays in January so I try and shop for them in the sales if I can. I love this tradition because it is followed by a visit to see my Godson and his siblings (one who was a born on Boxing Day too) for a party and catch up! Whilst this might not go n forever, we have managed to get to The Horsfall’s house every single year for the past 9!

Bucks Fizz

If you are celebrating in December then it must now involve Buck’s Fizz. Until I met my now husband, I had never really noticed or heard of Buck’s Fizz. Now firmly on the list of Christmas traditions, I am thoroughly hooked.

One of our first Christmas times together, we had visited my mother in law and she had cracked open a bottle. I tried some, liked it and just decided that it was the one we should have every single Christmas now.

A mix of bubbles and orange juice, you can buy it pre-mixed for about £1.99.

If you want to go a bit up market then you could always purchase some champagne and orange juice and mix it up separately! It is sometimes described as “the poor mans” celebratory drink. But if you like it, toast to that!!


This Christmas

Christmas traditions this year will be staying the same! I have a few bottles of Buck’s Fizz already in the cupboard. My list for Boxing Day is made already too! I found that making a list really helps when you feel like there are sale bargains EVERYWHERE. Normally I try and write down whom I need to buy for and a few ideas of things they may like. This way, when I head to town – I am not overwhelmed. It is a straight in straight out kind of job.

Christmas Day just us three is going to be great this year too – queue the matching Christmas PJs! If you want to see how my littlie and me put up the tree this year, you can read all about it here. It was so much fun, although it took about three hours and not the thirty seconds that it shows here! The “social media” geek in me is totally thrilled that I filmed it though as I really will treasure the memory.

Are you feeling festive yet?

What do you think of the above traditions? Do you think they are too much or not enough? As always, I love hearing from you – get in touch, leave a comment or send me a DM and tell me about your own Christmas traditions.

If you liked this post, you can read all about how I put up the tree here. 


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