3 Reasons Why Every Pin-up Wardrobe Needs A Peach Print

collectifpeachdeolorestop If you follow me over on Instagram then you will know that I am quite taken with one fruit in particular. They are fuzzy, come in different sizes and colour hues and oh so juicy. My nickname has been Georgia Peach for a good decade now. Whenever there is ANYTHING with a peachy print on, I usually get tagged in it.

Of course, when I saw the brand new collection from Collectif with said peach-printed Delores top, I knew it was “the one” for me. We are a match made in heaven.

Peaches Are Not Just For Christmas…

Okay so you probably wouldn’t wear them during the festive season. Well, if you like a bit of tinsel fuzziness then maybe?! Prints in a pin up wardrobe are for me, one of the stand out pieces that you need. Here is why…

  • A print makes your outfit “pop”

There are so many prints on the high street these days but they all tend to be “just a bit safe.” When you are loud and proud and not afraid to be different – who want’s a safe print? NO. We want peaches and lobsters and unicorns OH MY. Also, we dress in a vintage / pin up / retro styling because we love it. It is safe to say that we are not afraid to stand out.

  • Prints go with anything.

The glorious thing about a print is that it will literally match just about anything in your wardrobe. When you have a print, you have a colour palette to choose from. You can mix and match with plain or coord prints. Picking out colours from a print, your bottom or top half can be a colour block and give the print all the attention it needs.

  • Prints do not go out of fashion!

Not that we are too overly fussed for a fashionable print or “whats in season.” Always nice to know that when you go to your wardrobe, you actually can just wear something because you love it. Rather than one of those fashion risks that were “popular at the time” and every one had. Print and pattern are timeless. You can invest in a stand out peachy print because it will always make a good base for a fabulous outfit.

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Peachy Delores Top from Collectif

Vintage & New

Pairing the new Delores Peachy Top from Collectif with something old is a favourite combination of mine. Mixing vintage with new is easy for me. After selling vintage pieces for years, I have a lot of gems that I have kept behind in my own wardrobe. This yellow pleated vintage skirt is one of them. Probably from the late 1970s to early 1980s, it has a elasticated waistband and is mid length. A few similar styles hang in my wardrobe, they are so easy to pair with anything and nice and light when it is sunny.

These photos were shot on a weekend when I was at my friend’s little girls 2nd birthday party in the park. So I needed comfy converse to chase after the sprogs. Ordinarily, I would always pair with converse though if not in heels, they are my go to shoes. I am wearing a very well loved and worn white pair here. To finish it all off nicely, the Delores peachy print top from Collectif.

Things I love:

The off the shoulder cut with elasticated arms – really flattering neckline.

A handy side zip, meaning I don’t need to struggle or get anyone to help me zip up. When I pull this zip down I feel it gives me a firm and tailored fit too.

Print – of course, my favourite. The peaches are subtle but still enough to make your eye interested.


Behind the Peach

Peachy, Georgia Peach, Peaches – are all nicknames that I hear. In the southern state of Georgia, their national fruit is the peach. Their “girls” are referred to as Georgia Peaches and their national song is “Georgia (Just an Old Sweet Song)” as made famous by Ray Charles. Maybe it is simply because I have the same name? Some suggestion has been made as to my peachy bum and curves may also be behind it. Whichever it is, it is a nickname that is here and here to stay. We all have one “of those obsessions” where we see a print or something that we seem to accumulate the same of right? Mine is peaches.



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If you are obsesssssed with peaches as much as me, check out a collection of some gorgeous peachy items below.

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With thanks to Collectif Clothing

C Williams for photos.



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