3 Reasons Why You Need a High Waisted Bikini with Bettylicious

Untitled The talk of a high-waisted bikini brings with it a divided audience. Can you wear them if you have curves? What about your wobbly bits, won’t it emphasis them? How do you wear a high-waisted bikini if you have no waist or shape at all? Are they just for “certain shapes?”

Each summer when I shopped in the high street I had all the above questions floating through my head and then some. Now I realise that perhaps I just needed a little push to take the plunge (every pun intended) and after trying this plunge neckline top & coord high-waisted bottoms, I had found the one. This two piece set is from Unique Vintage available at Bettylicious. 

To shop the bikini top – click HERE.

Both are available at Bettylicious / and are Unique Vintage branded. 

To shop the bikini bottoms – click HERE 

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Bikini Bottoms Bettylicious High Waisted Bikini

  • They support and hold you in.

After having my little girl two years ago and generally loving eating ALL the cake, I have more curves than I used to. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my new shape and have accepted it. Sometimes, I would like to chase after my little girl on the beach without everything falling out! So when I say support and hold you in, it is not to suggest you hide ANY part of you. Because you are fabulous. But more so that this fab bikini will not hold you back from living life. A high-waisted bikini is perfect when going down the water slides super fast and just as perfect for laying there doing nothing.


  • You can wear them in different ways.

If you are trying to save space in your luggage, you can easily style your high-waisted bikini in several ways. Wear the bottoms on their own underneath your sundress as a hot pants /shorts. You can wear the top as a bralet with high-waisted shorts or skirt for walking about during the day and then with heels and high-waisted Capri’s for a night-time look too. It really is versatile and another reason why i love this two piece. This also doesn’t go see-through (like you would expect with a white swimsuit) – the photos also show the bikini wet and there was little to no transparency in the water.


  • High waisted bikinis are for EVERYONE!

As I always say, if you like it – wear it. A high-waisted bikini works for ALL shapes and sizes. For the bottoms, I sized up for comfort and for the top, this is my normal cup size. If you are ever in doubt, grab a few different sizes and try them all on. You can return whatever doesn’t feel right. The top crosses at the neckline, and has moderate to medium support if you have a larger bust so bear this in mind. As you can clearly see from the photos, the bottoms hold ALL the peach in just right. This would also be ideal if your body shape is less curvy than mine too as it emphasis everything in all the right places.

Just look how perfect it is for all shapes below – visit Bettylicious on Instagram by clicking below.

Bettylicious Bikini High Waisted

Click below to visit the Bettylicious website for more bikini beauties.


“Almost a swimsuit”

Another wonderful feature of this two piece from Bettylicious is that the high-waisted bottoms give this an “almost swimsuit” look. You can pull them up super high as shown so that they only show a tiny bit of midriff. Alternatively, you can also shimmy them on down when you are tanning to get a brown tum if needed. Whenever I have worn a swimsuit, it is usually because I want to cover up my tummy. Having a high waisted bikini option is a great alternative.

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Georgia Harrup Bettylicious Bikini
Bikini Bottoms Back BettyliciousGeorgia Bettylicious Bikini High Waisted Stripe


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