3 things I managed to do in October!

3 things I managed to do in October! 

As we prepare to go into ANOTHER national Lockdown (for who knows how long) – here are 3 things I managed to do in October. It goes without saying that of course, all the necessary precautions were taken and government guidelines were followed. This year has blinked before my eyes some days and dragged its feet kicking and screaming other days. The strangest of years and quite frankly, a bit of a write off. 

However – as the lockdown restrictions lift and we all try to get used to this “new normal” life, it leaves you wondering what you might be able to get out and enjoy now. You are unable to make any plans and as the days get darker in October – it just seems like it’s time to nestle down and hibernate.


Serenity for a day

My husband and I celebrate our anniversary in October AND it is his birthday too! SO – we booked a spa day at Alexandra House in our hometown. Now, I cannot stress enough that we felt very safe and secure at the spa with every precaution being taken and then some. 

To be able to do something “a bit more normal” was life saving and the day was really relaxing. We had sole use of the relaxation rooms, hot drinks and cakes and a few treatments each. My facial was THE most amazing experience and then I also had a hot stone massage for the first time. Having never had one before, of course it is hard to compare it but it was really relaxing and took any stress away for sure. I would absolutely try one again!

This was one of the most wonderful things I managed to do in October – 100%!

You do you

Obviously, we are in the midst of a pandemic and it isn’t going away anytime soon – BUT – we have to make that decision to look after our minds as well as our bodies. Not that you need it to be a Spa day – but whatever helps you keep your mind steady – you do you. Spending time together, relaxing with soothing music, putting phones away and just “being.” Well, this completely helped us both find some energy and motivation to be able to get through things. 

There is no right or wrong way to “cope” during this time, we are all doing our very best.




The same four walls

If you have been following my blog, you will know that back in the summer I was made redundant. I have now set up my own business! Well, so far it is going really well and I have enough clients to keep me super busy! 

However this does mean that in October I have been staring at the same four walls. A  LOT. Although I have previously freelanced and worked from home before – it was not in a pandemic! Many years ago, I would hot desk or work from coffee shops. Friends kitchens or public places were my go to for a change of scenery. With everything going on now, it has been quite hard to get out and have a different backdrop.



Now as you can see here, I have tried to make my little space enough of “something to look at.”

But sometimes, you can just have a bit of cabin fever despite how nice your surroundings may be!

Coffee Boy is located near me and makes a nice little change to the working mundane. Plus, they have good coffee and enticingly delicious donuts! Nothing like working at a window while the world goes by to make me feel more productive hey? I am listing this as one of my things I managed to do in October.  Mainly because this actually makes a huge difference to working from home when you work for yourself. I miss other faces and chatting to work buddies! Sitting in a coffee shop amongst other chatter really helps with this.


In the moment 

Of course, we have no idea what the future will bring or even what the rest of the year looks like at this time. All we can do is try and stay in the moment as much as we possibly can. If you have the chance to go on a misty cold winter walk – my advice would be to go. Breathe it in and remember that everything in life is temporary and not promised. 

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Pumpkin Patching!

Half term madness meant that another noteworthy thing I managed to do in October was somehow work and look after my little! Hurray – go me. Honestly, that has to be the hardest part of being in a total lockdown. If you work from home and have a child – well I am sending you all the energies. I feel your pain. 

During half term, we managed to have some outdoor fun and pick some pumpkins! Or as my little one called it – “pumpkin patching!” A little bit of normality for my little girl and her cousin.  They were able to slide about in the mud, and pick their favourite round orange thing later carving them up into some scary monsters. 

It was freezing, everything had mud on it. But the girls enjoyed it and I managed to escape relatively clean = winning. I never thought we would have been able to visit a patch this year so I am taking solace that this bit of normal was in our lives in October. 



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