3 vintage Christmas party looks!

3 vintage Christmas party looks!

Ah, a vintage Christmas party to go to. Well, probably just regular standard Christmas parties that you want to wear a vintage look to. Sometimes when you are “vintage” or like to dress this way, it can be difficult to know what to wear when you are with those that don’t.

95% of me would think, “I don’t care” as I am normally always the most over dressed on a casual Friday. But if you are in the 5% or not like me at all and are looking for inspiration for a vintage Christmas party then read on.


Already hanging in your wardrobe…

There are “safe” go-to outfits that I keep in my wardrobe and pull out every festive season. Some people have a little black dress (LBD) but I have a LBJ. A little black jumpsuit is the one for me. This came as a random purchase from my lovely Facebook buddy Leigh as she was selling her wardrobe. The jumpsuit is from misguided originally but it fits like a nice 1940s(ish) boiler suit.

You know that you have found “the one” when you reach for it time after time. To throw a spanner in the works, maybe your vintage Christmas party outfit is already hanging in our wardrobe. Maybe it is the one that you have worn to death. Have you considered wearing it in a different way? Often a change of shoes, belt and lippy can make an outfit look totally different.

The coat

Well, this is a bit of a no-brainer. A vintage Christmas party will no doubt be chilly (if in the U.K) and so you will need a fabulous coat of course. Sometimes, I feel that an outfit can start with a coat. If I am a total loss for inspiration then I look at the night that is planned and work backwards. Will I be travelling on a train or car and how cold is it. From there, I choose my coat and I can choose what needs to go underneath it.

It has to be faux.

A nice faux fur coat makes me feel so festive! I normally wear a short cream coat if I am going for a meal or the weather isn’t too bad. Otherwise, I am a huge fan of a floor length or long coat with a fancy collar. This one is original sixties vintage which came into my collection a few years ago now.

Perhaps it needs a little bit of a love and attention this winter as one of the buttons has come loose. There is also a much-loved stain near the bottom probably from a night out! However, year upon year I find myself reaching for it and it has become a keeper.

a vintage christmas party

The jumpsuit

Wow revolutionary. A jumpsuit. Also an obvious choice but I feel you cannot go wrong with a good fitting jumpsuit. This razzly red number is from Voodoo Vixen, from a few seasons ago now. I wear it with a waist belt to cinch in an illusion. The cut of this is perfect for curves with its flattering neckline. Last year, I also wore this around Christmas time to my husband’s Christmas do.

If you love adult onesies, then a jumpsuit will be an obvious choice for you. The only downside is that you end up naked whenever you on the loo. Otherwise, you can dress them up with heels or wear them casual with flats. Another handy thing about jumpsuits is that they ARE your outfit. So easily, everything else is paired with them to pull the outfit together. I quite like that you don’t have to really think about it when you wear a jumpsuit.

For an outfit in a flash, add shoes, clutch and a belt if you need one.


The dress

A typical vintage Christmas party look has to be a dress! Okay, so I know this one won’t come as a surprise to any of you in the vintage community. We seem to live in dresses and skirts more so than those who dress in high street styles. But when you have “the dress” then you feel amazing right!

Around the festive season, I seem to default to red or velvet. Consider if you want a wiggle dress or a fit and flare dress and you can go from there. Often, you will find that the high street has lots of “wiggle” or “midi” shapes and depending on the seasons trends maybe even a fit and flare shape too.

This vintage wiggle from Dolly & Dotty served me well last year at my Christmas party (this is the ONLY photo I took, apologies about the quality!) With just enough stretch to fit a Christmas lunch, it is perfect for dancing! With dresses, I love wearing socks and shoes too! I feel like it just gives it a quirky edge.

Read more socks and shoes posts here.


Rock that Vintage Christmas Party!

Whichever you choose, you are going to rock that vintage Christmas party right! Having a great outfit always starts with the confidence to step out in it. Once you master that bit, everything else is a doddle.

Last year, if you had asked me what I was going to wear for the festive season, I would have given you so many options. I was glamour mamma full throttle. Because I now work in an agency with a relaxed uniform policy, I am more casual. Wearing heels to work everyday used to be the norm for me. Now, whatever is comfy to commute in is my preferred choice.
Perhaps it is because of this that I am a bit stuck for what to wear to a vintage Christmas party these days. Hopefully, the above will give you (and me!) some inspiration and you will be outfit ready in no time!


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