3 Ways To Get Ready For Winter with Monica Valentine Vintage

30475814994_3f9849a265_kHot chocolate, winter jumpers, fluffy socks and the beginning of the party season – if you are anything like me; you will welcome winter with open arms. A bit of hibernation never hurt anyone right? When the leaves that fell are all wet and soggy with winter rain, the frost suddenly greets you in a morning and you find yourself with a constant sniffle, it appears that winter is firmly planted and here to stay. But you don’t have to be caught panicking for your harsh weather thermals just yet!

So many of my close friends begin to feel the effects of the change of the seasons around this time of the year. I like to be as prepared as I can for each season so that I can get as much out of life as I possibly can. This time of the year seems like it is a long time coming when you are in summer but honestly as soon as the nights get darker earlier and the cold hits you, it just seems to fly by so fast. Performing, booking in events and trying to cram everything else in means that time slips through my fingers and before I know it, I find myself reposting those “Only 4 Mondays until Christmas” quotes on Instagram. This is how I get best prepped for the winter season and get stuck in……



1. A Winter Coat.

Not just an excuse to go shopping – but, I look forward to each year when I can go shop for a winter coat. Although every one has those “all weather duvet type coats that protect us from the world,” what matters more to me is a coat I can wear to parties or over a nice outfit that still looks classy. This year, my favourite has to be by Alice’s Pig – the faux fur collar adds a touch of glam and although this is a dress coat, it still has an extra button so you can close it further if you are caught waiting a little longer on the platform on your journey home. The waist has a button fastening and a belt clasp to close and I really like the length. I am only 5.2 at a push so I am always a little wary of long coats and how they can make me look like a “sack on the move” but genuinely feel that when I am all dressed up with heels and all – this coat is perfect for a bit of glam whilst keeping warm. Scroll right to the bottom of the page for my outfit details in full.


2.Exfoliate and Moisturise.

Ah central heating – how I welcome your warmth but despair at how you dry my skin out! When it gets colder I always instantly feel it, especially my skin. My lips need a little extra attention and the rest of my body goes into meltdown if it’s not wrapped up! My favourite way to get ready for the “season of fake tan and glitter” is with a good exfoliation and moisturise. One to stock up on is the fabulous “Soap & Glory” exfoliators. I am a little Soap & Glory nuts so I have them all – and can’t pick my favourite between them so I alternate. Using some exfoliation gloves about twice a week in the shower I will have a right good scrub with a generous scoop of Soap & Glory. What I love about them is they smell delicious and they leave my skin as soft as a babies tush. I will then put some of their moisturiser on afterwards which stays put on my skin for at least 24 hours. When I was pregnant with my little girl, I moisturised with Soap & Glory every morning and night and managed to escape without any stretch marks! I love this range so much genuinely and they always have offers on their products in Boots so definitely worth stocking up when you get chance. I 100% think that everyone deserves a little “pamper me” time and if you are on a budget and cant afford spa prices – well this is the next best thing.


3. A Winter Clean.

Okay maybe this is just my crazy Virgo tendency and me but I love a good spruce up and sort out! They say “clear house is a clear mind” and sometimes it really does help. I know everyone likes to hibernate and then focus on the big clean when it comes to spring but I love nothing more than clearing out my wardrobe and making space for new pretties, Christmas and parties. When I get my winter clothes out from last year, I have a few days where I try things on and then either bag them up for giving away, selling on or charity or putting in my wardrobe. It really helps to be brutal and only keep things that fit me and make me feel great. Let’s be honest – we all like to “get a new party frock” so that sad and tired dress with half it’s beads fallen off from last years office party is not going to enjoy any more tinsel this year so maybe it’s time it had a new home. As soon as my wardrobe and home is cleared of clutter and sorted out – up go the Christmas decorations and onwards we go full force into glorious festivities.

I would love to hear your favourite ways to get ready for winter – if you have any others, please drop me a message and get in touch! I genuinely do love hearing from you all and although I don’t always get chance to reply, I read as many as I can! Wrap up warm and have a great winter!   xoxo


Outfit details:

Navy blue dress coat  – Alice’s Pig

Denim high waisted jeans – Lady K Loves in the “Classic” cut

Navy blue peephole long sleeve tee – Bonsai Kitten

Red patent belt – from another dress I own

Deep red “geek” shoes – Primark a few years back.

Many thanks to C. Williams for photos and Alice’s Pig, Lady K Loves & Bonsai Kitten for gifting.



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