5 Beauty Essentials You Need For Summer

Untitled Recently, the weather in England has been BEAUTIFUL. After catching some sun I have been not been wearing much makeup and that got me thinking. What are the beauty essentials that would get me through the summer. After having a think and a dip into my makeup bag I realised that actually, you don’t even need many essentials. Here are my five favourite beauty essentials, not sponsored – just products I have tried, tested, and love.

Beauty Essentials You Cannot Live Without!

  • Moisturiser

***Enter Klaxon Here*** It is not a big secret that dehydrated skin needs hydration. Over the years I have used ALL sorts of creams and lotions. My skin is typically dry on my cheeks and oily / prone to spots on my chin, hairline and forehead. Generally I would look for an oily / t zone type direction on a product. Having started using the Temple Spa products last year, I am hooked on them.

This summer I have been using the Double Cream moisturiser or the Truffle Noir (around my eye area and cheeks) and I really love them. Nivea is also great for my skin. Whatever you use, apply morning and night during the hotter months to make sure that your skin drinks it all in. Moisturiser is a HUGE one for me. If not anything else, it should be the first of the beauty essentials and a priority.


  • Highlighter

This Benefit High Beam liquid highlighter is what as bright as the stars. Years ago I bought a women’s  magazine (maybe something like Glamour or Cosmopolitan) and it had a free tester of this product. Probably a product that ordinarily I would have not even thought of purchasing. Thanks to a little tester, I saw how little you needed to make it stretch far and once my tester pot was out, I knew I would re-buy. So I guess samples and testers really DO work for some people! This highlighter is basically liquid gold. Dubbed “The Supermodel In A Bottle” it really does bring a healthy glow. I wear this as a stand alone product but you can also wear on top of your foundation / concealer for the same effect.

  • Lashes

For some, lash extensions are a must. These days, you can get them professionally applied or you can even put strip / individual lashes on yourself if you know how. When I perform, I wear lashes often (mainly strip – Ardell Wispies) but day to day I prefer just mascara. On a stage, your eyes can look small. With the eyes being the window to the soul as they say I like to open them up as much as possible. I picked up this mascara while flying back from Malaga – a duty free bargain. I really like the brush for even coverage and it also lasts well with the heat.

  • Eyebrows

Like lashes, a lot of people these days prefer eyebrow dye / micro blading or a more permanent solution to having to put on your eyebrows each day. Fortunately for me, I have a good strong brow and I actually like putting them on each day. Using the Makeup Revolution Eyebrow palette, I use the second to darkest shade. It is cheap and cheerful and whilst there are probably better brands out there, this does the trick for me. Staying power is quite good and I like the little angled brush that you get with it. This makeup line is really great, affordable and quality wise, I have a lot of it in on my dressing table. The shimmery eyeshadows are especially worth a look.

  • Lips

Optional for some, and normally I use a lip balm unless going somewhere. A nice nude, flesh pink or peachy colour lip gloss is always in my handbag. In order to prevent dry cracked lips (cos lets face it, your lips crack just as much as your face in this heat) make sure you have lip balm or something included in your essentials kit. Now of course, I love a good strong colour lippy but also the more muted tones for every day wear.

Lip glossEyebrowsA million lashesHigh Beam

As an add-on, if you are a vintage retro fan then you will notice that I did not include eye liner -(audible gasp.) Now I know that a great winged eye is definitely a staple / essential of our typical make up look. However, I am stripping it back for every day wear. Giving my skin a break during the hotter months is really paying off and I am feeling the benefits of not putting as much on my face. Of course, whenever I am out or performing, this rule is out the window. I am full on glam. But I wanted to write and suggest some great alternatives for the summer just so that you can really feel the benefits of that sunshine glow.

See above for the products I have talked about and links. If you have any of your own that you can recommend as beauty essentials then please just let me know. Have a great summer and look after yourself peaches xx

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