5 Favourite Slogan Tees and A “Not Vintage But That’s Ok” Post.


On the high street right now, there seems to be an eruption of slogan tees and sweatshirts. They are practically everywhere. Each retailer trying to “out slogan” the next. There are sassy slogans that warn everyone else to stay away. There are slogans that are so minuscule the reader has to lean in with a microscope. I saw this slogan sweat from Primark on an Instagram story and fell in love with it.

Sometimes you need a good slogan tee to say exactly what you feel right?

My home town Primark is not exactly small but probably smaller than most. After several weeks hunting and even getting some of my online friends to keep an eye out for me, I got one! It was the last one in my size on the end of a rail in Leeds. Buzzing, as you can imagine.

Just a few quick points to make (kind of a review if you like). The red slogan is furry and SHEDS. After the first wash though, this is taken care of. An old wives tale is to soak it in freezing cold water or wash in similar and then it shouldn’t shed as much. I didn’t try this, I just whacked it in the washing machine on 30 degrees. It is quite oversized, but I got a 10 and it fits perfectly on the arms and neckline. The body is supposed to be baggy. I really like the length of it and that it is fleecy inside. For £8 – can you even bat an eyelid.


Take time to take time.

One of my favourite things to do is to spend time away from everything that is considered “the norm” in my life. The general hustle and bustle of working life coupled with being a wife, a mum and a friend can be make life seem to flash by without a second thought. You are going with the motions. You thought it was Monday but before you realise, it is fast upcoming the weekend, you blink and you are back at work again. Day to day pressures creep up on you and become overwhelming.

So to combat this, I take time out.

Not often, maybe one day every couple of months. I go on my own to a coffee shop with my laptop or a good book or even note pad and paper. If a days annual leave is needed, then that’s what I take. This time out and on my own is just what I need. When you do something out of your normal routine, you notice different things. You bump into different people. All sorts of things inspire you. The perspective it gives me is welcomed. Today, like the above, I am alone sat writing this from a coffee shop, Coffee Evolution in Huddersfield. My latte is in a paper “to go” cup because I like to keep it hot. Writing away and watching people go by in a rush or lazily sauntering is something I love.

The below is a quick snap I took on my phone – how cute is the barista! Creating a little love heart in my latte. It’s the little things in life. They are everywhere, if you look for them you will find them.


“Not vintage, but that’s ok”

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen my most recent post about this fab slogan tee. Now more often than not, if I wear something that is a bit more “normal” I am inundated with messages. People will ask if I am unwell, feeling low or even have I failed out of love with vintage! After experiencing this recently, I felt that it was time to address it. Being part of the vintage community, you would think that this “different alternative” group of people would be more accepting. It would appear not.

So often, I have had people pass comments or give certain looks for the way in which I “don’t dress authentically.” This is a stigma that I should not have to experience. Okay, I prefer to dress a bit more “out there” and quirky, bright and sparkly. Mixing era’s does not make me any less or more a vintage lover than those that dress head to toe in original and authentic pieces from their chosen area.

Why there are “rules” I have absolutely no idea, style does not have any boundaries, it does not prejudice. Should you wish to mix it up and experiment, go for it. Do not ever let anyone stop you from being who you are or doing what you want to do. This is your journey, dress for it how you like.

5 Slogan Tees I Love And You Will Too!

So I have been adding a few cheap and cheerful slogan tee shirts / sweatshirts out. This is a perfect outfit for me when I am having a busy day full of errands or even just a comfy day at home. As you can imagine, I don’t like plain or boring “comfy clothes” so a bright slogan is the one for me.

It just works, add them to anything. Jeans, skirts, converse, dungarees – slogan tees go with pretty much anything. Of course, I am pretty sure we will see more and more outfits to come with slogans styled into them.

Below are a few retailers I have come across on my travels that have some great slogans! Joanie Clothing have amazing slogan sweaters. In my opinion, the best selection I have seen and not just “cheap” imitations of what is already out there. Joanie Clothing is quite unique in their slogan sweats and tees. Boohoo & Missguided are great high street providers, they have a similar selection to each other and a great bright & bold prints and colours overall.  Asos have some gems too. Warrior Tees are a firm favourite also, raising mental health awareness with their inspiring slogans. Links as always are below, not affiliated – just some great finds.

Joanie Clothing




Warrior Tees

white dont bother me slogan raw hem sweatshirtOh My Love Slogan T-ShirtOVERDRESSED SLOGAN YELLOW OVERSIZED T SHIR



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