5 Minutes Peace . . . How to look after your own well-being.

5 minutes peace in the garden is all you need…. 5 minutes peace. Sometimes it is all you need. Recently, I went to visit my cousin who lives not too far from me. She has a beautiful big back garden. She needs it, she has two gorgeous big dogs who need it to run about in. I love visiting her with my little girl and watching all of them run about together and enjoy the great outdoors. 5 minutes peace is different for everyone. For me, it is that spare time to just sit a while in beautiful surroundings and take a breath.

Reflection is underestimated. My life is quite full on, busy, here and there and everywhere. There are a lot of people in it who all have their own directions and live all over. I am very grateful and blessed to be able to have all these wonderful humans in my life though, don't get me wrong. Sometimes though, you just need to take 5 minutes and reflect on what is right in front of you at that minute.

The Art Of An Inner 5 Minutes Peace

How you find your 5 minutes peace, well this is up to you. Sometimes you will find that you have a similar or the same interests that help relax and refocus you. Other times, these will be completely different to the next. For me anyway, I use several ways. Have you heard of the "Calm" app? or the " Rain Rain" app? Both have similar nature sounds (rain, wind, the sea, fire.) I find my putting in my headphones, laying on my back and tuning in to the sounds I can empty my thoughts when my brain is loud.

Sometimes I like to run, sing at the top of my lungs or do something creative. I have a friend who therapeutically bakes and another who dog walks! There is no right or wrong. Whatever you can find to help you relax, deal with the chaos that goes on around you and think positively is the activity you should do more of.

Finding Inner peace - take 5 minutes peace

Why Your Well-being Is Important

We spend that much time focussing on what to put into our bodies and how we should work out that we often forget about the most important tool we have. The mind. I was brought up to believe that if you change your mind and then way that you think then you can change the way that you feel. Surely then, the mind is a more powerful asset than any new gluten, calorie free, vegan and sulphate free diet. (Not that I am against either of those!)

We are so quick to want to lose weight, to fit into a certain size or to "fix" a part of our bodies in order to feel okay that actually we overlook our minds. A healthy relationship and well-being begins within our minds. If you knew that you could change the world with just a positive mindset - what would you strive to achieve?

—— Wearing —— Skirt from Tara Starlet —— Crop Top from Primark —— Shoes from Sun Jellies ——

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Sit with me a while…. 5 minutes peace


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