5 Quick Fire Questions – December

5 Quick Fire Questions

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen the “ask me 5 quick fire questions” request that I recently did on my stories! Be gentle, this is the first time that I have carried them over onto my blog. Normally, I like to answer them on my IG stories because they only last for 24 hours. But here, well this is like being written in stone hey!

I wanted to make these quick short blogs a regular thing for two reasons. The first is obviously to help you get to know me a bit more. There might be things you always wondered but have never come up in a blog post before. Over on IG stories, I will probably always ask for submissions –  but feel free to drop me an email if you have something you want to know. The second is to give me a nice break from concentrating on topical lengthy posts or sponsored collaborations.


Falling out of love

Recently, I have been soul searching, digging and researching into the many reasons why I stopped blogging. I was falling out of love with it. Ok, I can feel you rolling your eyes at me when I say that it was hard work having to review free gifts…. But, bear with. Receiving free products isn’t just “one of the perks” of being an influencer or blogger. We agree to deliver a specific brief or proposed actions. Sometimes, this can take a bit of the fun out of content creation and writing. Collaborating can feel “more like work” when you must really think about it. This is all I mean. It is nice to just sit down at my Mac and write without requirements.


Okay, so after that explanation and without further a due, I reveal to you…. 5 quick fire questions. These have all been asked over by YOU on Instagram but there are no names as I always try keep things anonymous if I can.

How do you stay positive?

This is a tough one! How do I stay positive? Some days I grit my teeth, some days I skip into it. I know this is said a lot, but sometimes not everything you see on Instagram is real. I try and be positive on IG because I see so much negativity when I am scrolling. But other times it really isn’t as easy as you think it may come.

It is a choice that you must make. Some days, I really do not want to. I want to be grumpy. But it takes so much energy haha! So, it doesn’t tend to last very long. I would also say that if I do feel negative, I go to the gym or for a run. This helps me get any negativity out of the way and helps me re-focus. Remember that everyone is human. Sometimes it may seem that I appear a positive penny all day every day, but I work hard to pick myself when I need to.

Tips / Tricks

Some quick tips / tricks that work for me when I am feeling down are:

• Write (the problem or indeed absolutely anything just so that it is all out on paper)
• Have a bath, candles, soft Ed Sheeran music playing on my phone and sometimes I have an ice lolly or a chocolate treat in the bath just to remind myself that I am deserve that!
• A simple self-care pamper, painting my nails, washing my hair and drying it properly, putting some face cream on or massaging oil into my legs. All small things but they help me feel “back to normal” – whatever that is.

5-quick fire-questions-positive

Can you remember when you became a vegetarian?

Very recently in the grand scheme of things – August 2018. I have never truly liked the taste of meat and always been a little put off when it appeared on my plate. For some strange reason, I just ate it even though I didn’t enjoy it. I had been contemplating “going veggie” for a while and then on my birthday in 2018 I decided that was it.

You can read the full story here.

When did you start singing?

At the same as I started breathing. Okay, exaggeration. But I can’t remember really. As soon as I could talk, I think I was probably singing. Growing up in a musical family where singing, playing, listening to and creating music was always happening – it came as a natural progression. However, I think I probably “took it seriously” as a career in 2009 however which is quite late really!

You can listen to my music here.


Driving, on the bus or walking?

Up until May 2018, I was a walking or on the bus kinda gal. Actually, I started learning to drive back when I was 17 but had some bad experiences and declared myself “un-teachable.” Since then, I had been putting it off and using public transport instead. When my little girl was born in 2016, she had an accident where I needed to take her to A&E. My husband was playing rugby and had the car so I was in my house alone. I ended up ringing my mother in law to ask her to help me take my little girl to the hospital. This event shook me up. It made me realise that there wasn’t anything stopping me from being able to drive apart from fear.



If I was able to drive then I may have been able to get my little girl the help she needed without having to ask anyone. So I learnt to drive. It took me about 7 months from start to finish. Automatic driving was the one for me so I learnt in an automatic. Because of this, I only have an auto license but my driving instructor honestly was the best of the best. He was patient; he helped with my nerves and fear. From the bottom of my heart, I would have never believed I could drive if he hadn’t of believed in me first! I owe him a lot. He is no longer an instructor, but you can follow him on Facebook here.


How do you fit everything in?!!

A lot of planning! Failure to prepare is preparing to fail as they say. For so long I have just run on this crazy every day business that I get used to it very quickly. Even when I plan, I sometimes have periods of time where I fall behind or stop all together. Take blogging for example. I stopped preparing, stopped planning and then I stopped blogging. There sometimes isn’t a reason other than I get too busy and don’t prioritise things correctly. I am really hooked on Paperchase for planners at the moment. Another brand I love is Neon Sheep. Both of these have some great stationary, planners; lists etc that help keep things on track.

If you want something, you will work hard until you achieve it.


The end.

As always, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by my blog post and read my thoughts. Hugest air kisses to those of you that took the time to send me some questions for my 5 quick fire questions IG stories too! If you have enjoyed this, please do let me know – or if you have a question / something you have always wondered then drop me an email. You never know, the answer may appear in another quick fire questions blog in the future!


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