5 Ways To Be More Royal (and 5 Royal Outfits too!)


Lets talk all things royal. If you have been following my Instagram this week then you will know all too well that I have been lighting my feed up red, white and blue. The Royal wedding is TOMORROW. Being a Royalist, I am tres excited as you can imagine.

I think my love for the royals came from my father who saw the Queen’s coronation as he sat on his dad’s shoulders in London. Growing up, we have always had History channels on and all things royal. Seeing the Crown Jewels up close, and visiting the Tower Of London just solidified it all for me. Completely sold. Now I do realise that most crazy Royalists (me) are a bit older and often have the tea towel collection to prove it but I honestly just adore them. Mostly, the Queen but I must admit, Kate & Wills got me too.

A right royal do…

In celebration of the royal wedding, every day this week I have been flying the British flag and wearing the colours in every outfit. It has been a great challenge and one I have really enjoyed. We all have those gems hidden away at the back of our wardrobes right? Well this #redwhiteandblue challenge really inspired me to pull out some treasures that I previously had hidden away. For a recap on this weeks outfits in full, please see below!

You can join in anytime by wearing Red White or Blue too, please tag me over on Instagram if you take part as I would love to know.

🇬🇧 🔵🔴⚪️ 🇬🇧 . All this week I am taking part in the #royalootd challenge by wearing red white or blue in the run up to the fabulous #royalwedding • I am a royalist and always been fascinated / in love a little bit with the royals and our queeny. I have been to see the Crown Jewels and maaay have gazed a bit too long into them, Buckingham Palace is basically my second home aaaannnd I love singing “She’s Royal” SO basically I am overqualified to be a royalist right??! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 Wanna join in? Post your red white and blue #ootd pics all this week and tag me!! Today’s outfit is blue block heel Mary Janes from @everything5pounds paired with a spotty Dotty dress from @madcap_england – also featuring my wrinkly knees 🇬🇧 ⚪️🔴🔵 🇬🇧

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So you want to be more royal?

Hopefully, the above will give you some outfit inspiration and get you in the red white and blue spirit ready to cheer on Harry & Meghs. Did you ever wonder just what it was that makes the royals royal? Well here are my 5 tips to point you in the right direction…..

1. Pronunciation…..

One thing I am particularly obsessed with has to be the Queens English. From watching the Queens Speech every Christmas to hearing her speak on telly during a crisis matter. Genuinely, I could listen to her talk all day. Perhaps it is because it is so different from the common accent we have in West Yorkshire, or maybe just because it instills nostalgia. These days, little to few people speak with such good pronunciation and those that do are considered “too posh.” It would be a lot easier to understand people if they spoke with clear diction so I say – bring back the Queens English. Now repeat after me…. How Now Brown Cow…..


2. Tailor to your needs….

Following the royals means that I have often come across lots of “What Kate Wore” pages. There was the whole “What Kate Wore While Pregnant” series as well as any public engagements. Something that speaks volumes is tailoring. Almost every outfit is fitted and tailored to Kate’s body shape perfectly. Tailoring something to fit your curves makes you want to wear that item time after time. Now the royals most likely do not ever need to wear something more than once if they do not want to but ‘commoners’ like me and thee do. When I open my wardrobe, if there is something that is slightly baggy or a bit too big, I will put it back again. If it fits like a glove then of course I want to wear it.


3. Self Care….

Now then, our Meghs & Kate have a whole entourage of people that transform them into super glam beings. We know this from every time Kate has had a baby and stepped out the hospital doors looking more fabulous than life itself. You don’t always need a full glam squad (although it would be nice) to make you look ” a bit more royal.” With an hour or so of simple self care, you will be feeling on top of the world before you know it. Have a nice bath, treat your hair to a masque or paint your nails. In order to get that “manicured glossy” royal look, it is very simple. Just spend a bit of time on yourself. After all, you deserve to be royal too.


4. Be More Charitable….

The royals are known for their charitable work, it takes up a lot of their time in fact. Whilst we can’t always donate thousands of pounds to worthy causes, we can always give our time. Help someone in need, visit a neighbour and say hello, offer to babysit your friends kids for a night. There are so many things we can do to help and love another human. No amount of crown jewels can compete with a kind heart.


5. Curtsey Your Way Through Life….

If all else fails, well just pull out a good curtsey and you are destined for the throne. Okay so this is optional, but if you are wondering how it is done, please see the handy tutorial below! Royal protocol depicts this tradition but with the modern era, it is optional. Many royals still choose to follow this however, especially when greeting the Queen. It is a courteous, thoughtful way to say hello.

#fabulousfeetfriday 🇬🇧🔵⚪️🔴🇬🇧 edition! Day 5 of #wearredwhiteandblue and I have FLATS on ??? Who dis?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ sometimes I do wear flats ya know (not often ha) it’s either @sunjellies @converse or something like these geek shoes that I snapped up from @amazon – I’ve lived and loved in them and they probably need replacing, that or “a good babywipe” #mumlifeisthebestlife I really thought I would have no use for a white pair of shoes in my life but they have been worn with basically anything!! So they are today’s #fabulousfeetfriday – want to play along? Post your shoes and tag me / @mrsbowretro along with #fabulousfeetfriday to be featured 🇬🇧🔵⚪️🔴🇬🇧

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