5 Ways To Wear // Marabou Shoe Clips c/o PalmTree December

When Palm Tree December recently sent me a cute brown paper package (tied up with string….. a few of my favourite things) with three pairs of marabou shoe clips in them – I knew the challenge was on. I was determined to find 5 ways to use these niftly little things that could easily help transform an outfit from BLAH to BRILLLLL.

I received three colours, classic black, sassy red and this mystical deep emerald green. They each have a secure clasp on the back, which ensures a continued fit. Now for those of you who a regular reader then you will know that I absolutely LOVE to experiment with not just my own sense of style but also aim to encourage those who don’t normally look at vintage/retro styles to totally own both. When these marabou fancies came shimmying through my letterbox I just knew they were destined for something fabulous.

You can purchase these ones from Palm Tree December over on Etsy. Read on to find out how I accessorized these beauties and turned outfits from dull to dazzling….

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I know this is an obvious choice for a shoe clip (yes really I did just write that) but I wanted to show you JUST how amazing a simple shoe clip can be for your outfit. You know when you get your favourite pair of shoes out from the back of your wardrobe – they are well loved and have a few scuff marks. That moment when you are seriously having a conversation in your head that goes like this: “ These are the comfiest shoes ever and I can ACTUALLY walk in these/dance in these all night if I wear them…… hhhmm they do look a bit tired though I mean I HAVE danced all night in these once upon a time….ohhh what to doooo…”

Yep. That. Well now you can actually wear your favourite old shoes over and over again thanks to a little spruce up. These nude patent block wedges (in the sale at New Look a few seasons ago) below are my old faithfuls. They just go with everything, I can walk/dance in them all night and I love them with pop socks too. Perfect with the classic black marabou shoe clips to add something a little different. I also adore these red ones with the black and white stripe too. I also styled the green ones over on my Instagram feed with a cute pair of silver loafers that I have worn to death!



Something I had never thought of until writing this post is adding a little shoe clip to a bag! I LOVE a good red, navy and white combo (in case you hadn’t noticed) but so far have not found the “right” bag that screams classy nautical to me. I also (as much as I love it) probably wouldn’t dress head to toe in nautical colours. If I had a really loud print outfit like this one > (see here for Wax Poetics “Lost At Sea” dress) then I would probably keep it classy with this vintage navy leather clutch and red marabou shoe clip. I really think this would be perfect for adding a bit of that “something extra to your outfit.”


3.Hair accessories

Big hair don’t care. Honestly I have like THE best time wearing my hair up and down and all around and I am always on the look out for things to jazz up my do’s – I think the contrast of these red and green marabou clips do just that. Perhaps a little Christmassy for August BUT really when is it too early for a little festive cheer – ( btw that isn’t really a question haha!) so embrace this little elfy combo and get your tinsel ready.



A little conventional, but sometimes you have a simple dress (like this one below) that you have worn a lot and you want to make it “all brand new” again – shoe clips are perfect for this! This zigzag dress is one of my wardrobe favourites and if I am ever in a rush with “nothing to wear” I always reach for this as I know it fits and I know what to pair with it before I scarper out the door. I do like the neckline on this but if I was to add anything, I would add some marabou to it (ya know jus cos) and maybe some classy black heels. If you have a larger than life cleavage and you want to tone down, shoe clips that hide a little bit of it are also really great for adding modesty to your outfit too. I really like that your eye is drawn to your shoulder with these clips and it adds something new to an old favourite!



OK so this one is maybe a tad crazy and out there for most but for me – I LOVE. I have a senseless soft spot for a good sock and the sheer pop socks especially have a special place in my heart. I am not much of a fan of my feet so covering them in delicious wares is an added extra that I think “defines” my look. Whenever I am performing, my feet can slide about in shoes (due to my terrible dancing probably) so socks really help and make me stay glorious. Add some clips to the sides and pom pom your way all day.


If you wear your own shoe clips in a different way to the ones above or if you would just like to share how you wore – please get in touch. I would love to hear from you!


Many thanks to Palm Tree December for gifting – you can purchase your own shoe clips here.

The items in this blog post have been gifted to me to review. I will always give my 100% honest opinion and never accept products that I would not be happy to buy and choose myself. I may also earn a commission from the links that are within this post. If you would like to collaborate with me, please contact me at info(at)monicavalentinevintage(dot)com. Please note, due to the high volume of requests from brands - I only collaborate, review and work with those that I feel my readers would like to view/read about on my blog.

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