A 1940s Weekend in Brighouse with my Vintage-ish friends!

The 1940s is an era that I occasionally dabble in here and there. If you are looking for an authentic 1940s blogger to be inspired by, I am unfortunately not the one. This era makes me appreciate the more simple times surrounding the war. I am reminded of the elegance of simpler times. However, if there is a local vintage event and I can get to it – I am there.

Last weekend was no different. I met up with my lovely friends Liv & Sophie (who you will by now be seeing a lot of on my blog!) who are also interested in vintage events!



A 1940s – ish kind of event

Okay so – “up north” the best vintage festival hands down is the Festival of Vintage in York. The other’s that I have been to just end up being more of a food and drink festival with a bit of vintage thrown in. The 1940s weekend at Brighouse last year was definitely more of a food and drink festival. This year, however, it had a bit more actual 1940s theme to it. The main stage had better music and dances for people to take part in. There was even an actual ride on a steam train powered by coal.

As usual, the Great British Weather did not disappoint and we ended up dodging downpours – just. Typically, this event would be good to spend 1-3 hours max at. After that time, I feel like you would have seen everything and want to get a nice GIN. Be prepared for random characters such as the Iron Brue man (iconic 1940s that you see) and some fairground​ ride for the kids too.



If you love vintage though…

It is a good afternoon out if you are based up north and want to have a vintage kind of catch up. That is exactly what I did! My outfit of the day was this beautiful Lindy halter neck dress in Hawaiian print from Rock N Romance. 

If you are a regular reader, you will know that I have recently been interested in HATS (read here.) For this trip, I knew the weather forecast was looking abysmal so I thought a hat hairstyle was the one. I wasn’t wrong.


If in doubt… hat it up!

Worn here, this basket material hat has been in my vintage stock for a while now. Perhaps I should sell it but I have been toying with the idea of keeping it. So I tried it on and fiddled with my hairstyle. Era-wise, it is definitely not “authentically appropriate.” However, I am not about to let that kind of negativity stop me from feeling fabulous!

Some of you got in touch via Instagram and let me know that this hat is more 60s style. Now I totally see it! So very Jackie O! I am a huge believer of being able to wear what you love. So I followed my own mantra and wore the 60s style hat and 50s style dress to a 1940s event anyway!


A bit of magic never hurt anyone…

I felt that it was appropriate to add in a disclaimer here. Some of these photos have been edited to show a little bit of extra magic and additional sparkle. On my social channels, I try and maintain a real life existence where possible. Sometimes, I just want to see a bit of fairy dust on a photo. So I edit it in.

However, my body is a wonderland and I never edit or smooth out any wrinkles, stretch marks. Please remember that not everything you see on Instagram is always real life. You will see me with make up on, bare faced, red faced from the gym or a run or with absolutely shit hair some days. Equally you will see my feed is full of colour. This is just my preference.

The Lindy

This stunning dress came with me on my recent trip to Cyprus. I want to properly share it with you in a separate post because it truly deserves the attention. Stay prepped to see more of it swishy heavenly self.

In the meantime, thank you so much for reading and as always – I love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to say hello! You can find me on Instagram here.




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