A Blousey Vintage Review!

A Blousey Vintage Review!

Blousey, have you heard of them? They might be one of those names you think you have seen somewhere but cannot quite put your finger on. You might wonder if you have seen them on a little stall somewhere? And, you would be right. 

I first saw Blousey back in 2018 at The Festival of Vintage in York. If you have ever been to FOV, you will know that it is one of the biggest vintage events in the north. You can read about my past adventures at FOV here. After wandering around the event, I came across a simple stall full of rails of blouses. Now, I like to find treasures and dig in boxes of vintage when I am at fairs. But I also love it when you instantly “get” what the seller has to show you as soon as you glance. 

The Blousey stall was just that. Rails of “smallish – largish” blouses all neatly knotted and arranged in size. What a cool concept. For all the stalls I have come across, I had never seen one just selling blouses before! I spent absolutely ages and ages having a look at all the different colours and styles they had.



THE blouse.

Admittedly, it takes a special kinda blouse to draw me in. Loud patterns, bright colours and quirky one offs are more my preference. When I saw this one I knew it was “THAT blousey.” Of course, during these current crazy uncertain times with C-19, nobody’s going anywhere just yet. But how wonderful to find that Blousey actually has an Etsy store too. Following them on Instagram, I found this absolute beauty of a Blousey. 

Dagger collar? Check. Polka dot pattern? Check. Brighter than life pop of colour? Check Check! It ticks all the boxes. This was sized as an 8-10 or a “small-ish” and I am currently a highstreet size 8. I would say that this is true to size. If you prefer your blouses to be a little oversized then I would recommend sizing up. However, I was still able to tie this at the waist and wear cropped (my preference.)

Blousey Orange Polka Dot

Blousey for everyone!

A simple but wonderful point to note is that Blousey really does have a blouse for everyone. From those that prefer to do “vintage authentically” and wear their blouses in their appropriate era. All the way to those who prefer to wear high street pieces and mix in vintage. Of course, there are all of those in between-ers like me too. I love wearing original and reproduction vintage and just “finding my own style” too. Sometimes that means that I just want to look quirky and other times I dress the whole get up. 

Whichever your style, the best thing about Blousey is that their blouses fit in with you. Wear them tucked into skirts or high waisted jeans. Try them worn loose or tied over the top of dresses. For something different, wear underneath dungarees or jumpsuits. Layer them over or under. It is a simple blouse yes. So many ways to wear it!


Blousey vintage blouses

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Find them on Etsy here. 

This blouse was gifted to me in exchange for product photos. However, without obligation to write a review or blog post. All views are as always my own. If you follow me and are a regular reader, you will know that I only promote products that I would be happy buying myself.

Huge thank you to Jess and the rest of the Blousey Vintage team for this collaboration.



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