A Harlequin Print, Curves and My Recent Sale Haul!

A harlequin print now graces my wardrobe. I normally steer clear of them, as they are just so busy. Being a typical curvy hourglass shape, sometimes print and especially a harlequin print makes me a bit wary.

But then the Collectif Big Sale happened.

When trousers are like £11 or close to that – how can one not even purchase ?? So I did. (Unless my husband is reading this and then they just magically appeared on my doorstep!) I ordered a few pairs – mainly as I thought that they would be perfect for work more than anything. I ordered the Bonnie Atomic Harlequin Trousers in my usual size. They are a little snug / small fitting I found personally. They are super high waisted (which I love) and have a tailored fit.

Harlequin and curves

A Harlequin Print

These trousers also came in a red/pink colour-way but they had sold out in my size by the time I could snap them up. (If you have any to sell please let me know!)

When they arrived, they were just as bright as I had hoped and imagined. I have styled them with a baby pink “Cheri” slogan tee from New Look. As well as my favourite blue cobalt Sun Jellies to bring it all together.

I am part of a few Collectif selling groups and the general feedback is that these came up a bit small. I would agree with this. Although as they are high waisted, I think that this is the reason why they appear a small fit at first. After wearing for a half hour to an hour, they were a more relaxed fit. They didn’t feel as snug as when I first had put them on.

Harlequin print pants in the Collectif sale

Click to Shop the Bonnie Trousers (not an affiliated link)


The Big Sale

If you love vintage and pin up inspired fashion then you will know about or love Collectif. Up there with the largest suppliers, they are at the top of the game. Each season they allow vintage lovers everywhere to dress in clothes that are true to our preferred style.

The high street has some great pieces but often require a bit more imagination to put together a pin up look. What I love about Collectif is that you can pick out one piece and instantly get that vintage vibe that you are looking for.

Click here to read a previous Collectif collaboration!

A word for the wise, if your pocket will not stretch to purchase your entire wish list. Collectif have a huge big sale every year around the end of July. Sometimes there is another around November and also in January sometimes too.

My sale haul consists of tree pairs of trousers, the lobster top and matching skirt and peach shorts too! If you are a regular reader of my posts or follow me on social media, you will see these appearing very soon I am sure.

Overall, I am 100% loving these trousers and the casual pin up outfit they provide. I am 5.3 so I have turned up the bottoms as I prefer this length. When I wear these with heels though, I will definitely wear the full length.



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