A Hello Body Review!

*This blog post contains gifted products. However, all opinions and words are my own.

Hello Body – now in the UK!

When I was asked to review the 98% natural range (on average) for Hello Body , I had no idea what to expect. Most products that come without parabens, sulphates, aluminum, mineral oils and waxes or micro plastics are sometimes hit and miss. When I say hit and miss, I mean that above are all of the things used in products that our skin is sadly used to being exposed to. When you take these out of beauty products, will they work? Will they actually do their jobs?

In the past I have tried organic products and they have either smelt a bit weird or they have failed to take off my makeup or leave my skin feeling okay. Over the years and especially as I have got older – my skin routine has changed. Check out my previous summer beauty skin tips here.


The secret is hidden in routine.

Normally, my routine consists of micellar water to take my makeup off and various different moisturisers. I love Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil for overnight use and then I also use their face cream during the day too. I try and make a conscious effort to use as natural products as possible but I have struggled to find “good ones” along the way.

As the industry develops and sustainability becomes even more important for manufacturers, I am sure that products will not only smell better but also be better when they are of natural origin.




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Coco Melt: The review

This fabulous Hello body product is actually made from 100% natural ingredients! Hurray! It is a delicately melting makeup remover balm, which claims to remove make-up and dirt while nourishing your skin with rich natural ingredients.

Verdict: It works!
Verdict 2: It smells amazing!!

I would probably have not picked this up or winged this into my basket to begin with. But only because the “oily melt-iness” (is that a word? It is now) is not my preference. I like cleansers that are thinner and more of a liquid when taking off my makeup. Mainly because, this has always worked for me in the past while makeup balms have left me feeling gloopy and with most of my makeup still on.

A 2.30am take off!

As you can see in my Insta review – it took ALL my makeup off. In my opinion, the only way I would know if this product truly worked is if I used it to take off all my stage makeup after a gig. Because of lighting and performing, my makeup is always heavier when I am on stage. I use a setting spray too so that it is guaranteed to stay on no matter how much I dance or sweat! So this makeup remover balm really did have to work – which it absolutely did.

The main ingredients are:

  • Sweet almond oil – for deep hydration
  • Coconut oil – for moisturing properties
  • Cocoa butter – for soft and smooth skin

Whilst my skin is tired and my eyes are just about open when I filmed this, I was really impressed at just how much makeup this took off. I would recommend and be happy to use this again in my routine – especially for stage makeup. The micellar water that I use normally can take several cotton pads and numerous attempts to get it all off. Coco Melt was much quicker and meant I got to bed sooner too – win win!



Coco Day: The review

Described as “a daily detox cream” this one is made from 99.3% natural origin ingredients. It claims to soften the skin and keep it perfectly hydrated.

Verdict: Really light and softening
Verdict 2: Smells devine!

In the filmed routine, I used this after the melt just before bed for extra hydration. But day-to-day I have been using this for a few weeks now underneath my makeup. It is really light which is probably more “my kind of product” and it smells amazing.

The main ingredients are:

Sweet almond oil – for deep hydration
Coconut oil – for smoothing the skin
Peat extract – for purification

I would continue to use this day in day out as my daily detox because it is really light and my skin feels really nourished. Taking part in this test has really opened my eyes to trying out more brands that are cruelty free, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Discount code: ECO26

You can use this code at www.hello-body.co.uk where you can find both the Coco Day and Coco Melt priced at £24.99 each.

These products were gifted to me in return for a sponsored Instagram post. I was asked to provide my honest opinion and as always all words /opinions are my

*This blog post contains gifted products. However, all opinions and words are my own.

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