A Kiwi Dress & A Red Pair Of Glasses


The best things in life are…… second hand (or cheap).

This week I wore this glorious kiwi dress. “New to me,” it came with tags still attached at a bargain price from a group I am in on facebook. Originally from Lindy Bop, it is the “Vanessa” wiggle dress with a brighter the life kiwi print all over it.

With a flattering sweetheart neckline, room for curves and a quirky collar to the back, this is THE ONE.  The vibrancy of this Kiwi dress just makes my soul happy. YES, it even has pockets too. It comes in a wiggle (shown here) and also a fit and flare version too so you have options. Since having my little girl, I have slowly been returning to wiggle dresses. Now they seem to be a staple of mine and the type of fit I am naturally drawn to.


Girls in Glasses…

For a while now, I have had numerous requests and messages regarding the glasses that I wear. Well, here is all the official info! Ordered from Where Light (click here to visit their website) they are cheap, cheerful and great quality too. All you do is pop in your prescription, choose the lenses you prefer and they arrive around 3-4 weeks later (based on an average.) These new ones are the “Self” in the red colour way. They cost about £12 (when converted from $ dependent on exchange rate.)

Comfortable to wear, I love them. Currently my collection is growing thanks to Where Light as they are so affordable and provide some great alternative options to what is currently the standard already out there. If you are thinking of trying them then I definitely recommend giving them a go! Please get in contact / tag me if you do end up trying a pair out as I would love to hear from you.

The finishing touches…

To complete this fruity kiwi dress combo, I felt like a Punky Pin was needed. Of course, a Rock & Roll star. This pin makes me want to go out and conquer the day, to rock and roll the chaos out of it! To read about previous reviews on Punky Pins please click here.

With this outfit being so bright and in your face it almost feels like it speaks for itself. Sometimes when my hair is freshly washed it can be out of control so I just left it with a bit clipped back. Paired with my favourite silver heeled loafers to finish with.

To shop the Kiwi Dress please see below!

Outfit details & links:

Kiwi Dress – Lindy Bop

Pin – Punky Pins

Glasses – Where Light

Silver Shoes – Boohoo (old stock so no link)



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