A Published Article, Northernettes Fun & A Whole Lotta Joy!

Untitled “Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la”

For those of you who regularly follow my blog, you will know that I have recently started writing for the ever-fabulous Vintage Life Magazine. Yep, a published writer – not just a blogger who rambles a few times a week about all sorts. My first ever shiney article was published in the November episode of Vintage Life Mag – Issue number 71 – (back issues are available here)

I wrote about bringing a bit of “Joy To Your World” – a subject close to my own heart. This time of the year can be oh so stressful and it creeps up on you without you even realising. There are so many presents to buy and so many people to try and organise visiting to, tinsel to put up and parties to fit in. Before you know it, you find yourself wishing that the silly season is over for another year, and nobody should get to this point. Christmas time for me means relaxing with those that you love and enjoying the time off that you have together. Life is too precious to waste it being in a tizzwhoz.

Untitled Make time to take time. Even if it is just five minutes peace to grab a cuppa – we all need that breather. When there are too many relatives in your living room to count and not enough measures of brandy left in the bottle to counteract them, remember that it is absolutely normal to shut yourself in a cupboard and rant it all out. As a new mum, lord knows I have hidden in the bathroom for a while and practiced my deep breathing before walking out and having to “mum” with a smile on my face. It’s okay to fall apart – just remember that it is also okay to pick yourself up and get back on the horse again. Joy comes in different forms; it can be spending Christmas Day with every man and his dog or it can be spending it with just your dog. Whatever makes you feel happy – find it, then do that.

Of course for such a “joyous article” I had to wear the most Jolly outfit I could assemble. I chose the “Polly lame” skirt from Collectif, super stretchy and high waisted, the colour stands out a mile. Paired with a vintage red polo neck jumper from my own store. I also wore this to perform in with The Northernettes back in October, this time with a chocolate oversized roll necked jumper – it is certainly a showstopper. For the stage, I like to wear clothes that you can see from the back of the room or if you don’t have your glasses on. I chose this skirt because it is definitely one you cannot ignore. I also love that it can be worn every day as well. They have matching high waisted trousers as well if you don’t like your legs!

Completing my outfit is the most fabulous hairpiece that was custom made for my outfit from Rockabilly Red Bristol which I wore both for the shoot in the article and to perform in with The Northernettes – if you have a specific outfit or need a certain piece, Rockabilly Red is definitely my recommendation for custom pieces, I have worn these ones so many times!


UntitledUntitledthenorthysUntitled Photo credits to C. Williams & Charlie Roberts. Many thanks to Collectif & Rockabilly Red for gifting.


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