A Seventies Floral Crop Top & Black High Waisters #MotelRocks


With the high street in full force floral, it is not hard to find. I have always wavered over a floral pattern with indecisiveness. Not for its noise, but more because you really cannot pair it with much. It needs to be something plain or a complete clash with another floral – only for the brave.

Seventies Floral – for everyone?

Despite my “usual” love for the fifties and sixties, this seventies inspired midnight floral rose top from Motel Rocks still caught my eye. It comes in several other colourways  if you wanted something a bit louder / plainer. The Seventies is huge right now in fashion, but is it for everyone? I have stayed away from it. Mainly because it involved big floppy hats, baggy shapeless dresses and lines that did nothing for me. But when I saw this ruffled crop, I thought – ah maybe something I can work with! Made from 100% viscose, it has a nice flowy feel to it when worn. It does need a good iron though.

Vintage it up?

Firstly, when this arrived I wondered how I could vintage it up for my own personal style. Whilst this look isn’t particularly considered typically vintage, it can work with pin up pieces too. I will wear this with my Penny skirt from Collectif in a more vintage style. It would even work well worn over a plain wiggle dress as a makeshift cardigan. Today, I have styled it with spray on shine lycra leggings and knee high boots. I bought these leggings some years back now I think possibly from New Look although they have no tags! They are ultra high waisted and I bought them for a “Sandy from Grease” fancy dress party. Normally, I wear them with a red top or pink ladies type bomber jacket for an “instant sandy” type look but I love them with this top too.

If you love this print as much as I do, you can check out the full range of pieces it comes in by clicking here. This will re-direct you to Motel Rocks.

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.

Truth in the above, trying new things is on my agenda for 2018. That is why I agreed to work with Motel Rocks and try something new. To change is to challenge and to challenge is to be consistently moving. Life is better when it is moving. You do not have to conform to the labels that society put out there. Do something new, broaden your comfort zone. The opportunities that may come from it may surprise you.

With thanks to Motel Rocks for collaborating.




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