A Vintage Fair in Saltaire!

A Vintage Fair in Saltaire!

What did you do at the weekend? A vintage fair in Saltaire? Me too! If you are yet to visit one of the Rose & Brown vintage fair events then you really need to go. This was my second visit to Saltaire, it is so pretty there. Full of history and nostalgia! There are little shops to visit. There is  an art gallery, places to eat and of course – a vintage fair in Saltaire.

Okay, I only like saying that because it rhymes! A year or so ago I went in September to the fair and they even had a bit of a street food festival which was an added bonus. However, with it being January this time there wasn’t as much life and activity in the little town centre. Nevertheless, my cousin and I had a wander round.  We enjoyed some lunch and catch up. Usually, there are over 40 stalls, this time however there was about 30 and it was held in the big room downstairs in Victoria Hall.

Saltaire vintage Fair Rose & Brown

Brooch from vintage fair in Saltaire

The first stall had a beautiful vintage glass brooch which has come home with me. For a bargain £5 I just couldn’t leave it. In the same style, I really like the vintage clear glass beads. I have two necklaces at home, so it matched them perfectly. No sooner had I turned around to find another stall that was selling the same style vintage glass beads in a pair of earrings. They also came home with me for £5!

Marc Jacobs vintage boots

An old bag.

At vintage fairs, these bags are everywhere. The typical handbag of the time, you see them mainly in staple colours such as black, navy, grey, cream, nude, brown, tan, etc. Personally, I have always bypassed them as everyone else seems to have one (and also they don’t fit many things in really!) This one caught my eye as it is quite roomy inside, is in great condition, extra side pockets (always a bonus) and was a bargain £8!!

Told you I’m a sucker for a good price.

Now, when I am attending vintage events, this bag will be able to hold new bargains and go really well with outfits. After I got home, I also found that the bag held a scarf and another purse inside it – I love vintage bags for this! You just never know what you are going to find in them. Also, it makes me feel that whoever had this bag before me had packed the scarf and purse in it for the perfect occasion. Oh the nostalgia, simply beautiful.

There’s a first time for everything!

My cousin, Victoria has never been to a vintage fair! Of course, being related – she has an eye for a bargain and loves a good rummage. We walked in, she spotted a dog and went for a cuddle. She is a huge animal lover so said to me “they have a dog!! I’m happy now.” As she followed me around the stalls, she was picking things up and having a good look at them. Although, I would have to say that the real fur you find at vintage fairs was not really her favourite!

Earrings - vintage fair

Not everyone’s cup of tea.

As someone who is often described as “ quirky or a bit out there’ the next bargain may come as no surprise. These bargain white leather boots are Marc Jacobs. In perfect condition. Never worn on anybody’s feet AND in my size. For. Ten. Pounds. I am still in awe. How wonderful! Now hear me when I say I have zero idea how to style them. But I just thought they were so cool that they needed a home. Eighties in style, they are probably a bit outside of the normal eras that I visit. I am sure I can wear them somehow.

Over on Instagram, somebody suggested that they would look fab with a boiler suit perhaps. Actually, I have a khaki one that I could pair them with. As they were a funky bargain, the possibilities are endless.


A lovely day out

If you ever get a chance to go to the vintager fair in Saltaire then I might just see you there. This year, although I don’t make resolutions really, I really want to try and get out to more vintage fairs and events. Sometimes, your town or city may have a few really great vintage shops. However, often, the fairs are what you need. Here, there is often a nice warm buzzy atmosphere. Like minded people come along to see what they can see.

As a lover of vintage, it wasn’t until I had been to a few fairs, rummaged in a few kilo sales and seen a few other vintage lovers that I finally understood it.

We are all chasing nostalgia and looking to preserve its memory.

Even if we claim to just want to “express ourselves” – we look to the past. We feel inspired to bring it into the future.

One thing that I have been surprised with, is how many people I know that I wouldn’t have said “vintage is their thing” have got in touch with me to say they will come to events too. It may not end up being what they thought. But it is always a lovely day out and something new. The more people I can encourage to love vintage and find themselves through it – the better.

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