A Vintageish Life – My Brand New YouTube Channel

A Vintageish Life - glasses girl

A Vintageish Life – My Brand New YouTube Channel

Happy Friday! Today I launch A Vintageish Life – my  brand new YouTube channel! 

I have been wanting to start a brand new channel for years now but never really knew where to start. If you have been a follower for a while, you will know that I already have my music channel – Georgia Harrup. However, I felt that I wanted to keep my music separate to my vintageish life ramblings. 

A Vintageish Life was started because I wanted a place to inspire those that are just starting their own vintageish journey or perhaps don’t know where to begin. Also, I wanted it to be a place for those people that only “sometimes feel a bit vintage” – those who perhaps only dress in vintage / pin up inspired looks occasionally.

So here we are, my first ever video on A Vintageish Life.

Today, we are going to learn how to wear vintage glasses every single day and own it like a boss! We are going to chat about the different shapes for different faces and I’m going to show you how I style my collection of 30 plus vintage pairs of glasses…

Yes, I really do have 30+ (and growing) pairs of glasses in my collection!

However, if my husband is reading this, I only have one pair, and that’s the pair on my head right now. If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to get the whole vintage-ish look or you’re just a little bit curious about how to start dressing vintage, wearing vintage, smelling vintage, looking vintage, being vintage… then A Vintageish Life is the channel for you!

Read more of my glasses posts here!

You can find my videos every single Friday, so make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you never miss one.

Glasses Gal!

Since I was a baby, I have probably needed glasses! However, I have just squinted through life until about 2012 / 2013. It was the year that I was going on a television show and I wanted something that would help me stand out against the crowd, stand out against all the contestants and just make me be remembered. So I decided to buy a pair of pink glasses! 

This is the first pair of glasses that were a little bit different, a little bit quirky.

Reflecting on these they are completely the wrong type of glasses for my head. They are really little and they don’t really do anything for my eyes. I feel like they cut off my eyes and I can’t wear eyelashes with them. But these were the first pair that I ever experimented with because I thought that they would help me stand out and they were just a little bit “out there.”

When I put these on I felt just a bit more myself.

Vintageish Life - Georgia

I felt a bit different

I felt a bit quirky and I really liked that. Since this beautiful pink pair, my collection has kind of evolved into 30 plus strong pairs. I have experimented with various different shapes and different colours, different patterns. I have tried to find different glasses out there that I  absolutely love that I feel are a bit more “me.”

Over the years I have worn glasses, I have had some amazing people comment on just how much they love glasses and how it’s inspired them to wear glasses. However, I’ve also had some people comment on how much they think I look ridiculous. I adore ridiculous things. I have had people ask me “why don’t you just wear contacts” – I don’t know why I have to justify that! The moral of the story is that people will always have something to say about your glasses or anything that makes you different. It makes them scared because it is not “normal” and they don’t know how to react to it.

If you like it, own it.

Face Off!

The best way to find the right shape glasses for you is by looking at the shape of your head. So I am blessed with a pea shaped head. I’ve owned it, I’ve accepted it – it is what it is. The types of glasses that I would avoid are probably the small pink ones I actually started with. They don’t do anything for the shape of my face. My face is round, I need bigger glasses that maybe balance it out or wider ones here not tiny little ones like this.

If you have a longer face shape, maybe you would go for rounder glasses. Something that would balance it out, or perhaps if you’re just starting in the vintage world and you want that really kind of classic vintage look maybe you’d go for some cat eye glasses. The cat eye shape is super flattering because it goes up. They are perfect if you want to start with a vintage look. 

Original vintage glasses are a tiny bit harder to try and source in terms of fit and shape. You’ve got to really look at the measurements. So what I would do is if I’m looking for a pair of original vintage glasses, I would look at the ones I already own and try to work out the measurement difference between them. If I have a pair that fits great and they are 17 millimeters across for eg then I would probably be looking at something very similar in a vintage pair of glasses. 

The best thing that you can do however is maybe just try a few pairs. Try and try and try again until you find something that you feel confident with and that you absolutely love.

A vintageish life dublin


It is hard to say that I actually have a favourite pair of glasses, however I have a few pairs that I seem to wear more than others. My first fav pair is this original vintage pair. I think they’re probably late 70s early 80s. I love the side detail and I also really like the shape of them. They are made from an acetate material and I also quite like the colouring. It starts off as clear and then it goes into a dusky pink at the back and they’re just fabulous. They’re just really cool. People often say that I look like Deirdre Barlow when I wear them – but I am okay with that. I would wear Deirdre Barlow glasses every day! 

Actually, I sourced these on Depop and I just put my own prescription in. If you have Ebay, Depop, vintage fairs, those are probably the best places to find.

There’s all sorts of vintage glasses around you just have to search for them.


Elton John? 

Another pair that I really love is this star pair. I would say that these are quite a neutral pair for me um. They’re clear they go with literally everything that I wear. I love the star detail to the front and the side. They are made from a plasticky kind of material and they’re quite robust. I actually got these from Wherelight.com. I honestly love these. They come in a couple of different colours. When I saw them, I was like they will go with literally everything that I own. Which is why I bought them!

But yeah, comments that I receive about this pair : “are you Elton John” ?? I would like to confirm that “I am still standing and bopping along to crocodile rock…!!”

I could honestly write about all the glasses that I own for absolutely ages, so that might have to be a dedicated post instead!. If you watch A Vintageish Life –  then I would love to hear from you, let me know what you think! Also, if you have any suggestions for things you would like to hear me chat about then please get in touch.


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