Autumnal Prints & A London Edge Roundup


Autumnal prints, I thought I would never see you again.


The summer and hot weather this year seemed to melt all hopes of cosy nights by the fire away.

 You put your jumpers back in the wardrobe and reach for the shorts and jellies. The most disorienting event for me during this heat wave has to be seeing the look books of AW18 from brands and on the catwalk yet lathering on the sun cream for the suns rays! 

Just hurry up and give me some snow so I can style over the knee boots and berets please!


With thanks to: London Edge, Gem Bow, Voodoo Vixen & Collectif for sponsorship.

London Edge

After attending London Edge back in February and falling in love with fashion all over again, I had decided to make plans and attend again (last week.) For those of you who are unaware, London Edge is an alternative and vintage fashion trade show. Retail brands can meet new potential wholesale buyers here, network with other brands and connect with influencers. Normally a two-day event over a Sunday and Monday, it has daily fashion shows with the latest seasons from all the top brands across the vintage and alternative fashion industry. If you are thinking of visiting or trading, you can visit their website here for more information.

In February, I attended on the Monday of the event and had so many brands I wanted to say hello to that I decided this time to attend on both days. Actually, I am so glad that I did because I STILL did not manage to get to every stall. The catwalk offered prints, plaid and mustard. So much mustard. I adore mustard.



Okay so. Confession time. I had first intentions to wear this new mustard top on the Monday with some high waisted green trousers. For the Sunday I had sourced a beautiful original vintage dress from Blue Rinse in Leeds.

However, on the morning before I caught my train – it ripped. The arms were made from a delicate rayon and as I picked up my bags to walk about the door they came clean off my body. The horror. So I grabbed these black high waisted trousers (also from collectif but an old collection) and headed out the door. My hair and makeup was done on the train (thankful for a 2.5 hour journey!) and once I got to London I had to search for something else to wear on the Monday!

I actually do love this outfit though – even if it was thrown together at the last minute. The shoes are La Veintinueve which I paraded about in all day and still had my feet left at the end. These high waisted Collectif black trousers are stretchy and comfy – I love their high waisted style. The satchel bag is Voodoo Vixen and the Elvis brooch I picked up at a vintage fair earlier this year. The Mimi mustard top from Collectif though, well it was made for curves. I love the zip detail at the back and sweetheart neckline.


After starting the two day event with a disaster, I finished on a fabulous outfit! I found this blood orange flute sleeve blouse from H&M whilst in Angel, London. A £12 bargain.

The Business Design Centre where the event was held has a glass roof. Making it like a sauna (due to this weather!) So I knew for the Monday, I needed something a bit looser and cooler. This blouse is an easy fit, flowing if not tucked in and a stand out colour. Pairing it with the Olive green trousers from Voodoo Vixen which I already intended to wear. The hydrangea head piece I made myself from a few flower heads I sourced from good old Wilkos. It is actually an old shoulder pad that forms the base of it! Stuck on to a headband and then the flowers arranged onto the shoulder pad with trusty UHU glue. I was looking for some autumnal flowers to coordinate my outfit but they were not out yet. So I just made my own. This will definitely be re-used for events, weddings or gigs in the future.

AW18 Roundup

Coming this season to your wardrobes are lots of novelty prints such as autumn cats, winter foxes and the odd gnome here and there. Watching the new collections parade down the runway, all I could see was colour. Mustard is huge this season as is leopard print. Interestingly enough, this season there is just so much colour.

Everywhere you look. Purples and plums, deep turquoise and blood orange.

As a lover of colour myself, this is such a welcoming refreshing change. Normally you will see black, midnight blues and browns with a bit of sparkle thrown in to brighten it up for good measure. With so much choice for your Christmas Parties this year, you will not even now where to look first. 

As I wear so much colour during the rest of the year, I am welcoming the new AW vibrant collections with open arms this season.




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