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Last year, I performed in Southampton for the U Support charity with a few other of BBCs The Voice finalists. It was so heart warming to be able to give something back and perform in front of children/young people with life limiting conditions, disabilities and disadvantages. Seeing 27 children in wheelchairs at the front of the audience really touched my heart and the whole night was really rewarding – a complete pleasure to take part in! The fabulous ladies from The Vintage Hair Lounge  provided hair and makeup for the night and it was then that I was introduced to Besame Cosmetics!

When performing, makeup that stays put is really important as days are long and busy. I love colourful lipstick and think it is vital it stands out. In Southampton, I wore the Besame in shade #ExoticPink from 1955. It stayed on for about 7 hours without needed any further applications – from that alone, I was hooked! It has a rich sheen to it, the vibrance is like nothing I have ever found before and it doesn’t fade one bit with time. For me, there simply is no other alternative.

About Me

“My Besame #ExoticPink lippy is always in my handbag  – 

I would be lost without it”

 Becoming a “Besame Girl” was as easy as talking for me! Besame make luxurious cosmetics inspired by the golden age of cinema in Los Angeles, California! They are a family company operating since 2004 and driven by a passion for quality and design. They effortlessly mix history, science and art creating exceptional products. They seek to inspire and define the power of the classic woman.

Their products are stunning, artfully crafted and offering something truly different, nostalgic and fabulous!American-Beauty-Became-Cosmetics

Last week, Besame sent me another shade to add to my vintage make up collection – the #AmericanBeauty shade from 1945! It is a smooth, cool berry shade – a sweet mix between a red and a pink! It is absolutely delicious and goes perfectly! I just cannot fault the vibrance again of Besame, – it also stays on so well and lasts an entire evening when performing! Their “one coat coverage” claim is tried and tested which means that this lipstick literally will last forever!


I am completely in love with the packaging as well, each individual lipstick comes in a stunning gold emblemed case and placed inside a red velvet pouch! How utterly delightful! Something that I really do love is that ALL the Besame products are exact reproductions of shades from past decades. This #AmericanBeauty is from 1945 – adding vintage charm and authenticity to your makeup look. Enriched with Vitamin C and Aloe – it won’t make your lips flaky and is ideal for wearing all day long.

BesameInvesting in high end quality cosmetics is vital. After all, we only have one face and should look after it by making sure the war paint we cover it in is of good quality and kind to the skin. B

A “classic” vintage look for most usually means a winged eye liner and a red lippy – but there is just so much more out there for you retro rebels! Don’t be restricted by the same old same old – try some vibrance in your life and delve into the Besame world! You will not be disappointed, in fact – you will become addicted

“Once you go Besame – you never go back! “BesameLit


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