Beehive Yourself – How To Do A Sixties Beehive And NOT Wreck Your Hair….


As you know, I am not shy of big hair. The bigger the ‘do – the closer to God right. I love nothing more than huge bouncier than life curls or a straight up into the sky kind of beehive up-do. Having long (naturally wavy) hair can sometimes be a burden too – that’s why I learnt to deal with it! I am in no way shape or form “good at hair” and definitely do not proclaim to be a whizz at up-dos or anything of the sort. I just know how my hair handles and what I can make it do and not do.

About six months back, I started watching this fabulous lady – Sharon Blain on Facebook and got hooked on her YouTube tutorials. She does incredible things with people’s hair and I was instantly inspired by her techniques. Most of her work includes either some form of padding or sewing in with thread to make sure her creations stay put. Now granted, it may not be always appropriate for the school run for you to turn up with a whole basket of carefully coifed curls on top of your head – but it sure is fun to have a good go! She uses her own self-made “padding” which comes in a few shapes and sizes in order for you to recreate the styles she demonstrates. I whole-heartedly believed that I could make something similar and wanted to try and have a go. You can buy Sharon Blain padding here.

If you want to make your own version then the method is simple. You will need some synthetic or real human hair extensions and a few hairnets. This one that I made is actually a 29 inch in length curly one piece suitable for a ¾ head covering with 5 small clips to secure onto your head. You could use a smaller or larger piece of hair though depending on how thick or big you needed your padding to be. I folded it in half and stuck two hairnets over it. It is fairly moveable and I like that I can shape it rather than have a stiffer padding. However, if you wanted to put a couple of stitches into the hair and hairnet to make this less moveable and create more of a defined shape, that would still work too. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to where you can buy the extensions used. Below is a quick video I posted on Instagram of the process!

Section off the front part of your hair so you have something to put over the padding and create your beehive with and then I then use ordinary Kirby grips to secure it in place near my crown. Place the front sections over your padding and secure with a Kirby grip at the back. It really just depends on how much hair you actually as to how big or small you would make your padding, if you only want to put a little bit of the front section back then a smaller size padding would be better. I like it all off my face so I go for a large half crescent shape when I am doing my padding so that my front sections of hair go over it easily.

I also use padding when I do a full beehive too – the only difference is I tie the back section of my hair into a ponytail then a bun and pin down. Then I pin the padding in place (a little further forward on my head than the half up half down style) and sweep the front section over the padding and the pin into the back section bun. See below for a mini tutorial on a full beehive. I am so used to doing this on my hair but every time I do it, it can be different. The key to a good beehive is knowing what shapes work for your head shape. I have a round face so a beehive that is slanted and goes back towards my crown is not always flattering on me. I prefer height and a straight up to the sky beehive suits my face and head shape a lot more than any other styles. Experiment with the different styles as you go along and you will soon find the one for you.

I am also a huge fan of The Curly Girl Method and mainly only co-wash my hair (with a silicone & sulphate free conditioner) each time I wash it. Scrunching my waves and using a leave in conditioner has done wonders for my waves/curls and reduced my frizz by 80% at least! Little steps really do lead to more manageable hair and when it is as long as mine is – there is zero point in not caring properly for it as that just creates a whole heap of problems I could avoid. If you are interested in The Curly Girl Method – I have linked some more information at the bottom of this post for you to have a read.

One thing to note is that using padding is not “cheating” contrary to popular belief. Rather it is being kind to your hair and looking after your locks. I used to spend a lot of time backcombing, teasing then conditioning to try and get my hair back down off the shelf I had built for it. This never ending vicious cycle just left me with damaged hair. Every time I did a show or performed at a gig, this was not good news for my hair! Padding for me has let me be able to wear the sixties styles that I love so much without the damage.

I recently purchased a faux fringe and I love it! It gives me a full thick blunt cut fringe and sixties side burns if I want them. It has a few comb clips that snap into place and it fits easily onto your existing hair. I bought it from eBay for a few quid originally because I am getting a fringe cut in but wasn’t so sure I would suit it. I used a little dry shampoo to help take the “sheen” from the synthetic fringe so it looks more like my own hair and I really like how it changes my style when my hair is up. I also have a faux poodle piece that basically gave me great hair days all through summer 2016. Hairpieces are not just because I am lazy either, I like to experiment with my hair and do different things with it. Styles from the 1950s and the 1960s are not always hair friendly so a little bit of help here, and there well there is no shame in that hey?!

I would love to hear if you try any of my tips, tricks and tutorials or even if you have any that you do yourself – inspire me and get in touch!

The padding tutorial that had me hooked on Sharon Blain – The Chignon!

For more information on The Curly Girl Method click here.

For more information on the fabulous Sharon Blain click here.

Extensions to make padding – click here

Faux Clip On Fringe – click here

Faux Poodle Hair Piece – click here



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