BeYOUtiful – A Bettylicious swimsuit and a whole load of body positivity

Untitled Hello Peaches! So a month or so ago I was sent this lush Esther Williams Peacock printed one piece c/o Bettylicious. I am due to go on an Australian tour at the end of November and knew this would be perfect to wear while I am over there! With such a flattering fit and striking print, of course I had to wear this before I go to Oz.

I do have a confession to make – I have always been a bikini girl. I think the last time I wore a one piece was probably when I was about 12 and competing in swimming competitions at school! I have just never found one that suits or flatters my curves and since stayed well away from them. I am also a sun worshipper so not a fan of a tan line. All that aside, I have always loved the classic fifties shape and the way they embrace curves while still protecting your modesty.

Having had my first baby back at the end of March earlier on in this year – I wanted to be covered up and feel confident about my “mum tum” while I got back in shape. As soon as my little girl was old enough, I couldn’t wait to take her for her first swim. One thing that I really loved about this swimsuit was that everything stayed in place, it helped to suck in my tummy and also the extra front folds really made me feel fabulous! I was able to splash about, focus on having fun with my daughter and not worry about what I was wearing – a real plus!

So I had these photos done and at first wondered if they should just stay between me and my other half but after a long discussion (with my other half actually) I have decided to share. Last week I had a four-day celebration (never again!) and was well and truly worn out what with eating lots of cake, drinking copious amounts of cocktails as well as performing too. I had a blast but have since decided to go on a realistic mission to tone up and be healthier. Since having a baby – I have a new body. It has new lumps and bumps and strange wobbly bits that I did not notice before. Some I am embracing and others I want to change.

I have started the 90-day SSS challenge by The Body Coach – now on Day 4 and absolutely loving it. The food is so freaking tasty and the fitness side is also not too shabby. I don’t have a specific goal in mind – only to be able to be fitter and a bit healthier and tone some areas that have grown with the amount of cake consumed. I realised that – I am not a tree. If I don’t like where I am – I can actually move. I 100% believe that you should embrace the skin you are in and look after the incredible shell that lets us live life. I want to live longer; I want to do as much as I can in life. I want to be free. Why spend your time hating your body? If you don’t like a certain part then that’s okay – you can work hard and change it (most of the time) but otherwise embrace and work with what you have. The beauty is that you are the original and there is nobody “Youer” than You right now.

I am sharing these photos because I am proud to have curves, I am proud to have bits that are not perfect. My body did an amazing thing back in March this year and gave me more sunshine in my life than I have ever had. My baby girl was worth every wobbly bit you see. UntitledUntitledUntitledPEACOCK 1950’s RETRO VINTAGE SWIMSUIT BY ESTHER WILLIAMS c/o Bettylicious | Many thanks to CA. Williams for photos.


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