Black and White Gingham Skirt with Doll Me Up

Untitled Gingham. One of my favourite prints. It just gives me instant summer picnic table realness. This “talk the talk” skirt from Doll Me Up is no exception. Featuring an elasticated waistband with tie detail, a cotton/polyester blend and flared fit. Firstly, it is the ideal skirt that you need in your summer wardrobe. Secondly, I feel like with gingham, you really can wear it with most if not all colours. With this glorious summer that the UK is having right now, sometimes it is easy to shy away from a big full circle skirt.

Actually, worn here on one of THE hottest days (“28 degrees for us is baking!”) It is really cool and light to wear. I also wore with a petticoat underneath and it was fine too. Obviously this comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer to leave a full circle skirt and petticoat in the wardrobe when it is too warm outside. With this in mind, I wanted to share just how comfortable it is to wear and appropriate in all weathers.

Glorious Gingham Doll Me Up Georgia Harrup

Gorgeous Gingham

You know those outfits that you put on and you just feel instantly gorgeous. Well, this is one of mine. A pretty fit and flare skirt with a petticoat you can swish around in paired with an off the shoulder bardot top. One added plus is that a fit and flare skirt covers a multitude of sins (or tubs of ice cream.) This outfit is readily wearable and helps you eat seconds and then relax!

Both available at Doll Me Up.

 Click below to shop.

If you are looking for a bargain, use my discount code georgiaharrup15 for a fabulous 15% off the entire site!

Mariposa Top Doll Me Up Georgia Harrup GIngham

A Beautiful Bardot

Having a larger bust, obviously sometimes it can be a challenge to find the right off the shoulder top. This bardot is perfect because you can wear your normal underwear and the frill detail provides a seamless outfit. Recently, I wore this for a family day out to a Gala in one of our local parks. Whenever I am running around after a 2 year old, the only option for me is some flats. Sun Jellies strike again. During the summer, it seems like I live in them because they are always on my feet.

The Mariposa top from Doll Me Up sits just off the shoulder. The frill neckline is really delicate whilst still providing support. Therefore you don’t spend ages pulling it up all the time, an added bonus! If you are looking for a staple piece to build pin up outfits around, this is the top for you. Another fabulous point to make about Doll Me Up is that they are so affordable, you will need these tops in EVERY colour. Surprisingly, (for how cheap the prices are) the quality is still amazing and this outfit has washed perfectly each time. Above all, Doll Me Up have some great pieces that your wardrobe NEEDS. In the event that you have yet to take a look – go pay them a visit.

Read about more gingham gorgeousness here!

Gingham Circle Skirt Bardot White Top Doll Me Up Talk The Talk Skirt Georgia Harrup Talk the Talk skirt Doll Me UpMariposa Gingham Top Doll Me Up


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