Boobtube and Shorts – Stay At Home Staples!

Boobtube and Shorts – Stay At Home Staples!

This weather we are having now has been nothing short of glorious! Enter the boobtube and shorts combo. Every day. While staying at home, my daily outfits have been a little questionable. At the beginning of lockdown, I was sure that I would still dress up every day even if working from home. However, after then homeschooling my little girl, it became less and less frequent. If we managed to get dressed by 12pm, well that is an achievement. 

Mostly, my attire consists of gym wear, loungewear or a boobtube and shorts if sunny. Despite trying to save these for my holidays, 2020 had other plans. Wearing my holiday outfits at home when it is sunny helps it feel like it’s not too much of a waste. If you are a regular follower / reader, you will know that I do not deal in dark clothing!

I live for brightly colour gym wear. Fortunately, I have also been lucky to find some vibrant loungewear also. However, a boobtube and shorts combo will always be brighter than life! 


Garden glorious. 

While whizzing around after a 4 year old, trying to explain “how she was made” and “why toast doesn’t have bigger holes” I need my clothes to be comfortable. Generally, we have been trying to stick to some sort of daily routine. Involving a good balance of school and play, we throw in a dash of household jobs too. If I am lucky, I can grab an hour in the sunshine while the little one “washes” her My Little Pony for the 59th time. 

My 4 year old took this photo of me. I have been living in these jersey shorts for sure. For someone so little, she gets a good angle!


Suns out, hair up!

Of course, with every boobtube and shorts must come a fabulous hairstyle. When I am on holiday, my hair is normally always plaited and up out of the way. It is far too hot to have down and stuck to the back of my neck. However, I am not that inventive when on holiday! Usually, a hair scarf and a mum bun does the trick. On one of our recent walks I attempted a simple gibson tuck and it turned out ok! I added a flower crown and a bumper bang too. 

Local to us, there is a fabulous little lane where you can walk. A lady often decorates the lane at the back of her house with wonderful displays. As pictured here, this is her display “over the rainbow” and it was the most colourful one yet! Naturally, I needed photos! You can view her work here

For our walk, I have on a yellow boobtube from Matalan, some high waisted shorts from Collectif, and my new Sunjellies. I also purchased the matching top from collectif to go with the shorts, but it is now too big for me! Sad face!!


Taking a break

Over the last few weeks, I have been taking a break from posting on social and blogging. Mainly I have been feeling like posting about outfits is so trivial compared to what has been happening. The world is changing, the news is dominated. Sharing what I have got on hasn’t felt appropriate. 

As well as the above, my outfits have generally reflected my mood – grey. It has been a difficult period of time and I have not really considered myself very interesting to say the least! However, thanks to regular yoga sessions, long walks and fresh air, I have begun to pick myself up again. Sometimes, it is difficult to “find a purpose” when you feel stripped of everything that you enjoy or used to take part in. When I became a mum, I have always tried to ensure that I am “not just a mum” and had my own thing going on. This has really helped me feel like I have a sense of identity. However, recently that has slipped a little. 

Taking a break has given me fresh inspiration and helped me find my feet again. I will be back to posting boobtube and shorts combinations shortly….!

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