Born To Be Wild – 3 Reasons Why I Love Wearing Glasses

Untitled For quite some years, I struggled with poor eyesight and far too much pride to do anything about it. Anxious of name-calling and embarrassment, I would screw my eyes up and squint into the distance. Roughly five years ago, my then fiancé encouraged me to purchase some glasses, so scrawling through various designs I decided to take the plunge. Now I always believe that if you are going to do something, you should do it with your whole self and never hold back. With this in mind, I chose some baby pink frames and waited nervously for them to arrive. They were fabulous. They gave me the confidence to stand out and being able to see clearly again made me want to wear them all the time. Fast-forward to the present day and I now wear glasses as soon as I roll out of bed!

I have tried many different pairs of glasses and finally found the right shapes that suit my face, and just in case you wondered (or hadn’t noticed), I am not shy of standing out. You see for me, I was born to be wild. Fitting in and being “normal” is resigned for others. I was recently asked what my other half thinks of me dressing in a “vintage / retro” style. My answer is: “I get up every day and dress this way for me, as there is nobody else that can be me.” I often hear so many of my (non vintage loving) friends say that you have to have a certain look or be quirky to dress this way but honestly, dressing this way is just a form of expression – available to all. Here are my top three reasons why I think everyone should be proud to wear glasses:

1. Seeing is believing!

So the most obvious one has to be that wearing glasses ultimately increases the quality of your every day experiences. The first time I put my lenses on it was like someone had turned up the HD button and I sat there amazed, then laughed to myself after realising that I had squinted unnecessarily for so long. We eat well and exercise in the hope of having a healthier, longer life so surely you would also want to wear glasses to help you capture moments more clearly?! I was one of those hesitant to wear glasses at first but as soon as I realised I could appreciate the leaves on the trees from 5 feet away, wave at people from a distance that I really did know (you know that awkward moment when you think someone is waving at you but they are waving past you) and realise what bus was coming (so I never missed another!) – it was seeing that made me believe

2. Be an inspiration!

It is estimated that 6 in 10 people wear glasses in the UK – well that’s a lot of us then right?! Many of my readers ask where my glasses come from and often comment that they now wear glasses after seeing mine. Not everyone loves their frames, which I think is simply not on – if you wear glasses every day, should you not have a pair that makes you feel fabulous? I wear glasses proudly so that whenever I perform or share something on social media, I hope to inspire glasses wearers (especially the younger ones) and let them know that they are beautiful with glasses on their faces as well as without

3. Glasses are like your foundation.

Whichever glasses I put on in the morning, well they are the first step in creating my outfit/look for that day. Like a good foundation, I need them to suit my face and to sit well. After the shape, the colour is also an important factor and I want them to tone with what I am wearing that day. They need to be comfortable and able to last a busy days activities. I couldn’t imagine not wearing glasses nowadays, they have become a part of my identity and I feel the most comfortable when they are on my face.

These glasses are part of the ’54 designer range“model 39” from Tesco Opticians and I adore them. I personally love the cat eye silhouette because it balances out my face shape. These are the “Tortoiseshell” colour way but they also come in a black and grey. The colour is darker at the edges with a golden brown towards the middle. They are comfortable to wear all day (I should know, these have not left my face!) and I love their quirky edge. Tesco Opticians have a large range of affordable and designer frames; there is definitely something out there for every face shape.

So, stand out from the crowd, fall asleep under the stars, clash those colours like you are a rainbow and dream the unimaginable. Darling – you were born to be wild.

UntitledUntitledUntitled Glasses – model 39 from Tesco Opticians Retro 54′ range | Hair piece is custom made from Rockabilly Red | Brown vintage polo neck is from my own store – Monica Valentine Vintage | Many thanks to C Williams for photos.


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