Casual Vintage || Not Always Dolled Up!

Casual Vintage – not always dolled up?!

Casual vintage – if I could have the shrugging shoulders emoji inserted here I would. Years ago, I would have probably laughed and said that there is no such thing. Ask me now and I am coming round to the idea.

Because of always working in a corporate environment where dress code was stiff, my vintage has always been glam. Heels, wiggle dresses, pin up hair and mostly anything formal. This was the way that I expressed myself within the boundaries of what can be described loosely as “office wear.”

After ten years working in insurance and customer service based roles – I broke free!

Casual Vintage - Lead image

Creatively casual?

Because I am not your typical t shirt, jeans and trainers kinda girl, this is hard. Some people are wearing leggings and baggy jumpers (oh my) and others have double denim on. Working in a creative social media role in the fashion industry meant that at work, there were some new rules. However you want to dress, casual or formal is on the table. Okay – so no hot pants or exposing clothing, but otherwise pretty much anything goes.

Day to day, I became a little less formal some days and tried to work out what my own style actually was/is. Settling on “quirky” I started to explore with casual vintage, high street and some reproduction vintage pieces too. After just over a year in that job and with the threat of redundancy, I moved on into a creative agency in Leeds.

Casual vintage - striped cardigan - Collectif jeans

Comfort is King!

Like me, if you are a lover of the vintage eras, you will agree they are not comfortable. Way back when steel boned corsets existed, comfort was put aside. People suffered for fashion, for the latest trends. Whenever I wear a petticoat under a big circle skirt, I wonder. How on earth did they clean, or sit on the sofa, bend down all day in these?? They are itchy, scratchy and more.

Then I realise how quickly I became used to wearing a fitted wiggle dress and heels every day for work. Your body adjusts. Once your mind adapts, you can wear anything. A lightbulb moment. My mind just needed to adjust to wearing casual vintage.

Bow & Crossbones - peach brooch

Casual vintage - peachy

Not always dolled up…

Commuting to Leeds is interesting, another story for another time perhaps. The people you see on your commute are even more so. People travel in full suits but not boots (trainers for comfort) and others blast a more trendier student vibe. Commuters are intriguing, from all walks of life and wearing all sorts of different styles.

The first six months of this new position, I feel myself settling in really quickly. But, I am still stuck for what I want to wear. Fashion has always been a huge part of my identity, an expression outlet. Reading this, you may think this is fickle, but this is my identity crisis so bear with. Not always being dolled up and wearing a more casual vintage style is something I have never explored.

Casual vintage in the office

Casual Vintage is…??

The meaning of such is different for the individual. Perhaps you think of it as dresses and converse? Maybe casual vintage is jeans, a tee and some brogues. The office that I work in has a relaxed (as long as it’s decent) dress code. Some wear jumpers and jeans, others wear leggings and t shirts. However, after six months – I finally feel like it doesn’t matter what I wear again.

Naturally, there is always an anxious part of starting a new job and being in a probation period. Your head is down, trying to get to grips with how everything works and of course becoming a permanent employee. Thankfully, now I feel this pressure has lifted. Of course, I still take my work seriously and want to excel! But now for some reason I feel inspired again to wear whatever I like.

Maybe it will be in casual vintage, maybe not.

A casual crisis – some days.

Style and a sense of who you are is a learning process. A constant journey of acceptance. I wake up and wonder what on earth to put on some days. Others, I stroll out of bed and coordinate my outfit within an inch of its life. Both are acceptable, it is only my mind that tricks me into thinking otherwise.

The outfit featured in this blog post is an ideal example of my perfect casual vintage! Previously gifted and purchased pieces apply.

Read my previous collaboration here.

OOTD details:

Cardgian – Friday on my mind (gifted via Weekend Doll)
Jeans – Collectif (purchased)
Brooch – Bow & Crossbones (gifted)
Glasses – Spex Pistols (vintage, but gifted)
Lilac Cropped Tee – Primark (purchased)

What I wore to the office - lift selfie


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