Colourful Coral & Shoes That Make Your Feet Happy with Ruby Shoo Footwear

Ruby Shoo Phoebe Coral Some days you wake up and you wish you had someone else to open the curtains, make the bed and go to work for you. When you remember you have tons of deadlines, or even just tons of washing, the last thing on your mind is a spring in your step right? On these days –  CORAL.

Maybe this is just me, but if find if I have something bright and beautiful on my feet then generally it is a step in the right direction (okay enough with the puns but you get it right?) Footwear is sometimes overlooked, an afterthought if you will. Everyone has that”trusty pair” of old faithful shoes that are probably dark or at least neutral, comfy and go with everything right? Well….. I have those too. But they are generally covered in sparkle or bright yellow or similar.

I have an addiction it’s true. Bright and fabulous footwear is fast becoming a “thing” I am drawn to. Never a wallflower, they make me feel utterly spectacular and ready for the day. In fact this whole outfit lifts my mood and is one of my “happy outfits.”

With this much colour, how can you be sad??

This is why I love fashion so much. Find the right outfit and it can change how you start your day.

Ruby Shoo Coral June Flat with Ballerina Lindy Bop Dress

‘Coral coral coral its as flattering as candlelight’ – Gordon Espinet

If it is good enough for Gordon Espinet – MAC makeup artist extraordinaire – well then I will take that. As flattering as candlelight upon your skin, I love the colour coral. That glow, that happy place and that bounce. When I spotted these two fabulous pairs of coral shoes from Ruby Shoo Footwear, I knew they needed to be on my feet.

The “June” shoe is patent, flat with a chunky block heel and even has THE cutest flamingo pattern interior.

SUPER comfortable, I have worn these all over the office, the instep is ever so slightly cushioned. Even though it is a flat shoe and doesn’t really need any additional comfort, I love that. This is the brightest of the two pairs, perhaps due to the patent sheen and the contrast of the peach buckle. Oh did I mention it comes with a matching bag? Life. Made. AND if that wasn’t enough, it comes in a couple of other colour ways. Basically this is the only Ruby Shoo flat you will ever need for the office.

Oh SNOW you don’t.

Now of course, the rollercoaster of English weather that is apparently “spring” has hindered me from wearing these pretties for a while. I go to step out of my house and realise that snow is on the ground and I may have to rethink heels. In particular this lovely pair of “Phoebe” heels. Ice and snow are no match for a heel, even if it is a comfy block one.

Ruby Shoo Phoebe side with socks
The Phoebe shoe has a sweet bar strap that helps it stay put. One thing I adore about Ruby Shoo Footwear is that they really are THE comfiest shoes ever. For heels, they stay put on your feet and don’t hurt when you dance. Which is all you need right?!

Of course they also have a matching bag and come in a different colour way. So you are spoilt for choice. Today I am pairing the June flat with a brighter than life Lindy Bop wiggle dress. It really is this bright in “real life” too! The ballerina print is subtle but stand out. The coral pop at the end of it all just ties it together.

Whichever pair you choose, flat or heel – you need coral shoes in your life. Find your happy pair and let me know which you choose! I always love to hear from you, especially if it is about brighter than life shoes.


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Ruby Shoo with Lindy Bop Wiggle Dress BallerinaRuby Shoo Coral June ShoePhoebe Ruby Shoo Coral


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