How to Style A Dita Bun, Crayola Yellow and Vintage Chords

Untitled Life saver for all greasy hair out there – the Dita Bun. I mean only after Dita Von Teese puts all the hair on her head in a big bun on one side of her head does it become acceptable right? For SO long I have looked at this trend, cocked my head and pondered at the marvel of it’s simplicity. But yet, never felt brave enough to attempt.

Looking for a simple tutorial? I found this on YouTube – credit to @missrockabillyruby.  I think this one works well for shorter hair – check it out here:

Of course, I have a mane so I just rolled my hair into the hair donut rather than pinning around. For my head shape I added a few flowers either side as I felt a bit of a “bald forehead” so wanted to try and fill in the gaps. Often, I  wear my hair in a messy bun or beehive. Normally, I am not afraid of the height but this was a great alternative. The first time I styled my hair this way was a little out of my comfort zone. But after a few tries, it became the norm and now I wouldn’t think twice about a Dita Bun.

Looking for a beehive tutorial? Read How to Do A Sixties Beehive and NOT Wreck Your Hair here. 

If you are one of those many others who are wary or unsure about the side shape or height, just play around with different options. Add flowers, bring the bun more forward. Move it further back, more on one side or even the other side completely. Play around with it and find out what suits you most.

Today’s post comes with sunshine – AT LAST.

Feeling like a child waiting to break up school for the holidays today is a good day. I am genuinely welcoming the return of the sunshine even if it is still a bit “too cold” out there. The return of bright colours, warmth on my face and being able to attend photo shoots outdoors – HURRAY. I got this mustard yellow kimono crop top last season from Boohoo. Surprised myself but I have worn it in so many different ways. Under dresses, over dresses, with high waisted trousers, skirts, jeans. A kimono tie crop is such a great investment for your wardrobe.

The rusty corduroy trousers I paired this with come from one of my favourite local vintage sellers – Revival Vintage. Not a sponsored post – purely because Helene is amazing at sourcing some beautiful pieces. I have shopped with Revival for a number of years now. I always seem to pick up some treasured gems! One of my FAVOURITE dresses like EVER ( I am aware that yes I say that about a lot of clothes) comes from Revival. Ever hoping to get back in to is (25 inch waist problems and all that) it is stored for the perfect occasion in my wardrobe. A true 1950s powder blue prom dress with a delicate neck drape to the back. Back to the cords – I picked them up from Revival Vintage a few years back. They are a little “well loved” by me now, I roll them up because I am short. Comfortable to wear, the colour sings to me and they have got a lot of life still left in them.

If you have a favourite outfit, colour combo or vintage item you love – get in touch and say hello. I love hearing from you! Drop me a message at 





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