Girls And Their Curls! // The Curlettes Tutorial


Girls Who Want Curls Need Curlettes In Their Lives! Simple.

“Like a queen crowned with curls” – having bouncy curly whirly hair is something not everyone is blessed with.

Since adopting The Curly Girl method on my own hair, I have managed to improve the overall condition of my own hair. However, it still isn’t quite how I would like to wake up. Of course, going with what my mamma gave me – I’m not complaining. I have natural beach waves that some people would pay good money for. Having lusted over big full and bouncy curls parading themselves all over social media recently, I knew I had to try and investigate further.

I have tried a lot of sleep in rollers, curlers and plaits and never really been a fan of them. I like my undisturbed sleep! But when I heard about “Curlettes” – comfy curls for vintage girls.

I knew I had to test them out.

Untitled Untitled  This photo was taken in the morning after my Curlettes had been in all night. Apart from a little bit of frizz (which disappeared once combed through) they all stayed well put! Given that I have really long hair, I thought I would need two packs. Actually when they arrived, the pack of 14 was more than enough! I only ended up using twelve in total. Proof that you can use six each side and still have amazing results. I didn’t even notice them being in overnight either.

Taking a 1-inch section of my hair as the instructions suggest, I placed the Curlette at the tip of my hair making sure that the looped end is closest to my head and not pointing away from it. Then I wrapped the section of hair around the Curlette and wound around but left a good couple of inches from my scalp. This is purely because I look like a poodle when curling my hair all the way up to my center parting. I always leave a space when curling my hair with tongs etc. so I wanted the same desired affect. Of course this is personal preference. Then take the non–looped end of the Curlette and pull it through the looped end to secure in place – simple.

THE most easiest curl aid I have ever used honestly.

Because they are lovingly hand crocheted, they are very soft. They are also easily washed with baby shampoo if you do have a build up of product or want to freshen them up.

Untitled  Performing (pic above) at this gig on day three of my Curlettes. I am so impressed by how big and bouncy my hair still is. I literally didn’t do much at all to it either! Having always “done” my hair every time I perform, I normally spend ages trying to get it curly or putting in curls that won’t drop out by the time I have reached the venue.

Daytime to nighttime with a quick spritz of hairspray! This “hair swish” is from Day 2 of my Curlettes set!

 My Curlettes “set” lasted about four days but I wore my hair up on the fourth so I would say I got a good three days out of them for sure. I didn’t brush them out at all and I didn’t use any setting lotion or pomade as some other users have done. After taking the Curlettes out I simply separated the curls with my fingers and then added a spritz of hairspray to set them. There are many vintage styles that you could create from a brushed out Curlette set but I love them just as they are.

Girls Who Want Curls Need Curlettes In Their Lives. Simple.

Each new day I used my fingers to scrunch up them again. I also put a bit of hairspray on to set them further but it wasn’t really necessary. Having used them again and again, the amount of days you can get from one set is perfect if you have a busy and hectic schedule like myself. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Untitled  Above is another occasion I have “Curlette’d” my hair – I love how big it makes them!

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Many thanks to Celeste and Curlettes for gifting!


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