Curves & Cherries


Your body is not my body. My body will never be your body. Curves, muscles, skin and bones – it all houses the best bits… who we are.

Sometimes when you wake up, you simply need an outfit that embodies who you are on that morning and who you will intend to be that day. Fashion is here to help you be exactly you fancy being – no matter what your body shape is.

As a curvy girl, I can struggle with proportion when picking up my “standard size” and this is greatly frustrating.

Sweet as a “cherry” is this little black dress from Popsy Clothing – it is all you need and then a cherry on top.

I have literally not taken this off since it landed on my doorstep. It washes really great and is made from a firm but stretchy fabric. It doesn’t become see through when worn even if stretched.

FINALLY…. a dress in my size that isn’t too tight but absolutely hugs my curves in every way I want it to!

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly….

My daughter is now a two and a half toddler size shaped sass pot ( I have taught her all I know!) My body is completely different now to pre-pregnancy and sometimes I forget that there are clothes out there that will accommodate that. When I stumbled upon the Popsy Clothing brand after a late night Instagram scrolling sesh – I fell in love.

The first piece from their range that I had to have was a brighter than life red/pink/orange tunic with a 60s twist. I wear it so often – visit my instagram here to see it on. 

Their fabric is really great, it washes and wears so well. Popsy is one of those brands that you just know is going to be great quality no matter what the piece is. The “cherry” dress pips the bright tunic I have already by a good mile. The print is great, really vibrant. Black has never been a colour that I have favoured so to have a great print like this one still leaves me feeling a little colourful.


If you have not yet submerged yourself in the world of Popsy Clothing – please do visit their site.

click here to visit

This is one of those dresses that you can literally wear with anything. Dress it up with to without tights and heels. Dress it down with converse or knee length flat boots. Ideal for the party season or just a girly day out. I have worn this so much already and I know it is one of those items in my wardrobe that I will always reach for.

Having styled it on my Instagram, I have had a few questions surrounding the fit. The fit IS incredible and completely made for curves, This one here is my normal size – a 10 and I found it to have a little leeway in the tummy area. My personal preference is that I like the extra material as it meant I could pig out on a three course meal and still feel comfortable. Some may prefer a tighter fit – if so then size down.

For me – Popsy does what it says on the tin:

“Increasing Women’s Confidence One Dress At A Time!”

 I feel ready to party and 10000% confident that this dress will take me until the early hours of the morning!

With thanks to Popsy Clothing for gifting
C. Williams for photos.
This item was gifted to me to review, however these are my honest thoughts.

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