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Buttons – oh how practical they are yet oh so colourful. I used to get called “Button” as a kid – a nickname that formed itself due to my little button nose. It is no surprise then that I love buttons and use them in a variety of craft projects as well as them catching my eye each time I shop.

I recently sourced this vintage beauty for my online store ( – how divine is it though? Made from a stiffer cotton and sturdier in structure, it really fits snug and hugs all your curves in the right places. I love the vibrance of the yellow and the cute as a button (there I go again) flower motif that someone has lovingly stitched on! I have paired with some nude flats and a bright lippy (of course) – this one is American Beauty by Besame

My daughter is 5 weeks old yesterday and I am (as most new mummies) adjusting to new sleep patterns (or lack of) and trying to juggle everything. Excuse my face and hair in these shots – thanks to Besame, I literally look half human. 



I have started blogging again more regularly – which is odd given that I now have a little person in my life that leaves me with even less spare time these days. She is my inspiration for starting to write again however. I want her to know that when she grows up – all women are fabulous. I would love her to have her own individual style, to celebrate curves, natural beauty and of course – being herself.

I handpick each item that I sell on my store because I believe in selling what I love and loving what I sell. When I opened Monica Valentine Vintage back in 2014 – I wanted to base my selections around my own style choices and wardrobe. Dressing up makes me feel empowered, confident and ready to tackle the world. I wanted my store to reflect how I woke up and what I had put on for the day.

I love several vintage styles although most of my favourites tend to fall into the 1950s and 1960s era’s with a dabble in 1970s every now and again. As they say:

Dress like you are going somewhere better later

You never know.

OOTD | Vintage Yellow Dress – Monica Valentine Vintage (SOLD) – view more at my store. | Nude pumps – Primark | Lipstick – Shade: American Beauty by Besame


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