Darhling – You Are Absolutely Fabulous (and a bargain dress thrown in for good measure)

Untitled Feeling fabulous is a decision.

I am running late – the bus just splashed a puddle all over my feet and I am now soggy and late for work – well that’s not very fabulous hey? Recently I was performing straight from a full day at work with my only spare minutes spent on the train to the gig – not very fabulous. I am full of cold and cannot seem to shake this yuk feeling (that’s taking an eternity to shift) and I have broken the zip on my dress I was supposed to wear to the gig all because my peach is too bootylicious. NOT FABULOUS.

Untitled I practically ran to Sainsbury’s (the ONLY place open at 7pm) in an attempt to find some sort of outfit that I could perform in. Grabbed a bargain rusty orange mini skirt for £7 and quickly changed in the loo of the train station – life on the road is NOT FABULOUS. Having worn the same outfit all day with the exception of my supermarket bargain, I am tired, sweaty and question what I am even doing. But then, those that have come out to watch and enjoy the music that I am performing – well they don’t know that I don’t feel very fabulous right now. They expect fabulousness from me. They have decided to spend their Friday night listening to me sing and as they say – the show must go on right. Sometimes (most times) I need reminding that every day and every thing that I do is a choice – and I choose to be fabulous. Yes okay sometimes I wake up and feel miserable, grumpy and rough as hell itself but after a quick pep talk and a 5-minute dress up session, I choose to face the world.

Clothes are like armour and I like mine bright, loud and sparkly.

I found this psychedelic mini dress on ebay for a bargain £4! It has a metal zip to the back and the colours/pattern is amaaaazing. Okay – in a bid to “keep it real” I must confess that this is technically a dress that someone home made themselves as they were going to a 60s fancy dress party. But I mean to me “fancy dress” is just a dress that’s fancy right? Another man’s trash is most definitely another man’s treasure – I am so in love with this dress. Paired here with my “new fabulous hair” and fresh out of the salon, some thick black tights and my trusty old faithful knee high boots from New Look. I recently took the plunge with my hair and got a bit chopped off, some front bangs put in as well as my ombre colour at the ends– and I am not sure why I waited all that time to have it like this again as it just makes me feel “like me” and is meant to be.

Find whatever makes you feel fabulous and be that with all your heart.



Wearing “fancy” dress – eBay

Black knee high boots – New Look

Many thanks to Creative Hair by V Mellor for fabulous hair!


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