Date Night // Lindy Bop Review


Well hello peaches. I recently got sent some gorgeous capri pants by Lindy Bop and of all the pairs – I think I love these ones the most. They are “Kendra” in Pink Blossom Print – so unbelievably comfy. I have got 3 other pairs so I cannot wait to match them up and wear with some fabulous vintage. I especially love the side zip as well as the turn up detail at the bottom hem. The high waist is not too high and flattering if you have a bit of a tummy as i sucks you in and hides your sins. There is some stretch in them and they are true to size also. This print is just delicious and easily paired with a number of summery colours. I really just want to go to a garden party in them and drink prosecco all day long.


For years I have struggled to find my own sense of style and followed the crowd like a little lost lamb. Flitting from season to season left me with a wardrobe full of “out of fashion” clothes that I would put on the heaped rejection pile and look at with disgust. I never felt that was “up with the trends” and would always think I had nothing to wear. Now – I wear what I love, regardless of the catwalk. Shapes, styles and fit is more important to me. I have curves, flaws and wobbly bits – but that’s ok – I know how to dress them now!


I wore this outfit the other day to go for a very much needed date night with my sweetheart. Always finding the time to talk, laugh and of course dress up is very important to me and making memories is something I cherish.


Baby Blue V Neck Jumper – Vintage – | Belt – thrifted from a charity shop | Floral Capri Pants – Lindy Bop – | Nude Block Heels – New Look –

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