She’s Deadly! ℅ Deadly is the Female.

She’s Deadly! ℅ Deadly is the Female. 

Nothing deadlier is known to man. Well if that doesn’t make you want to buy this tee – I am unsure what will! The deadly girls kindly sent over this fab Deadly Female Raglan T Shirt last week and it literally hasn’t been out of the wash. 

With three quarter length sleeves and a slim cut, I am wearing the size S. For reference, I am a high street size 8, there is a nice bit of stretch in the tee. The length is just perfect for me too. Sometimes, I like to knot my tees or tuck, the length is ideal for both!


10 ways to wear!

If you have arrived at my blog because you clicked on the Instagram video – HELLO and welcome! However, if you are yet to watch just how many ways you can wear this tee, I have popped the video here for you too! 

Sometimes, when I am having a vintage-ish day, I reach for a slogan tee and a pair of mom jeans. Of course, during lockdown this has been my daily uniform. But I wanted to really show just how many ways you can wear a simple tee, especially one with such a deadly slogan.

Which one is your favourite?



Deadly in the park.

At the weekend, my family and I managed to get some fresh air and pop to the park. With the recent bad weather and of course lockdown restrictions, my little girl was over the moon to be able to finally use the local park again. What better “mum outfit” than an all ready deadly combo hey? 

These capris are from Rockabilly Pin-up (read the original collaboration here!) With a comfortable stretch, they are ideal for playing on the swings and running about after little legs. Feeling all red and ready, I added the deadly female t-shirt and some red spotty converse. Hair, well of course in a fabulous poodle updo (do not be fooled by the effort, this literally takes me 10 mins if my hair is curly to begin with.) 

I recently purchased these glasses from Wherelight and I really love them! I thought red glasses were just a little too red for this all red outfit combination. 

A tee to change your mindset.

However trivial this may seem, I actually love wearing certain clothes to help change your mindset. Forever a mood dresser, I am one of those people who opens the wardrobe doors every morning and asks my clothes who I want to be today. Sometimes I am a comfy-baggy-elvis-t-shirt and jeans kinda Georgia. Other days I am class-sassy-wiggle into anything kinda Georgia. They say that you should dress for your day but I honestly end up just dressing for my feelings! 

A wonderful slogan so powerful as “deadly female” well it just has me feeling empowered from it hanging on the coat hanger. The standout colourway is really striking and it just goes with so many other pieces in my wardrobe. Do you ever have an item in your wardrobe that makes you feel fierce and fabulous? Well this is certainly one of mine. 

This item was gifted without obligation to post or promote. Some items on my blog are gifted / paid collaborations and I may receive a fee to write about them. However, I only accept collaborations from brands that I would be happy to purchase from myself.



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