Fabulous Feet Friday – A New Collaboration with @MrsBowRetro

40312132965_a9021061c3_o Feet. We only have two of them yet somehow we end up with wardrobes full of shoes. Multiple boxes say that we must surely have more than only two feet…. surely? Well if you are anything like me (shoe-aholic) then you will agree that actually, some days your feet are feeling comfortable flats and other days they request bright sky high stilettos.

I am a typical “mood” dresser. If I wake up and fancy dressing like a land girl, then my overalls will come out. If I am feeling full petticoat and swing dress, then so be it. Dressing my feet to match is the same. Often, I have created a whole outfit around shoes I really want to wear that day. Sometimes you just need one thing to spark inspiration and creativity soon follows.

Like a Party On My Feet

The Popsicle pump from Yull is quite literally, a party on my feet. As always, the Yull quality shines through and this pair is comfy, made from beautiful soft leather with a glorious vibrancy about the pattern. The signature white tip putting one foot forward is also a class above the rest. Genuinely, I have now purchased outfits to match these beauties. Not that I needed any other excuses to buy any more clothes or anything. Most people buy shoes to match what they have already in their wardrobe. For me, usually I see a fab pair of shoes and then buy options to wear with them!

Untitled  A new collaboration!

Due to the exceptionally high amount of shoes I currently own and the need to share them world, I found myself wondering just how to showcase them all. After having a brainstorming session for my blog / social media, I voice noted one of my lovely Instagram friends @MrsBowRetro and found that she was also thinking on the same lines. We collectively decided upon launching a new hashtag #fabulousfeetfriday where each Friday, we will post our favourite shoes and encourage others to do the same. To help us both get as much wear out of all the beauties we own as well as to inspire others to wear fabulous shoes too. For everyone who decides to play along, the best ones will get featured on my Insta stories for the day! If you want to play along, simply post your favourite shoes on your Instagram, tag me or @mrsbowretro using the hashtag so we can find your pretties!

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