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Untitled I have NEVER been “fashionable” – right from being a dot. My mother always said I dressed how I felt when I woke up that morning. One day I wanted to be Sporty Spice by donning tracksuit bottoms, a hoodie and trainers – the next it would be a wiggle, heels, and hair do all before 7am. She could never keep up. When my close friends bought me a dress for my birthday one year they spent about an hour deliberating because they had no idea what my actual “style” was.

I think I get my love of colour, pattern and quirkiness from my Grandma Monica – whom my blog is named after. She loved colour and often brazenly clashed them with sass. She certainly passed this down to my own mother who in return carried on the tradition of an artistic and colourful style as I grew up. Patterns do not faze me, the brighter the colour combination the better. I think this is why I am so drawn to the sixties – for their love of colour clashing and crazy patterns.

Untitled  The “Ira” dress from mademoiselle yeye has a crazy retro pattern that always grabs me whenever I open my wardrobe. This pattern comes in multiple different shapes from Mademoiselle Yeye so if you wanted something a little more tailored to your shape – it also comes in these styles…



One thing that I particularly love about the “Ira” dress is that it is made from a jersey material which makes it the ideal dress for every day whilst still maintaining sixties style. Some of the more “mod” styles can be short, fitted and needing tights or boots but with the Ira dress – a pair of three quarter leggings and some pumps means you are ready to go out the door in a flash. It is literally like putting your “comfies” on apart from 100% more sophisticated! It has one circle pocket on the hip, black ribbed cuffs and a larger than life collar. The collar is one of my favourite details of this dress and can be worn either zipped up completely for a “chunky” look or zipped half way for more of a quirky “dagger collar” shape. Mademoiselle Yeye are based in Germany but ship worldwide, their products are vegan and animal friendly. As part of the Fair Wear Foundation, all clothing is produced in line with a strict code of ethics. Even more of a reason to purchase from their fabulous collection!

I adore brands that are from across the sea because it means that not everybody I know is wearing the same thing as me. I think this is a big reason why I love vintage, customising and wearing this in a less conventional way. For years I did try and keep up with fashion trends after working in retail and being around the latest crazes. I wore some horrendous pieces and had no idea how to dress for my shape. Like a slave to the catwalk, I closely followed what was coming into the high street and wore “just like all my friends did” but this didn’t always make me feel confident. I spent a lot of years not making the most of my body, curves and wearing what the magazines were telling me I should be wearing to “be in fashion.” For me – having your own style means that you love what you wear and feel good in it – no matter what the rest of the fashionistas say. If one day you want to wear a huge bin bag and a waist belt – well if you feel like you can take on the world dressed like that – then you go for it. Never be afraid of experimenting with styles, colours and the perfect shapes so that you can eventually find the kind of style that makes you want to climb mountains every single time you get dressed for the day.


 I have worn the Ira dress so many times with tights, knee high socks, bare legs and combined with pumps, shoes, heels, boots – all sorts! I cannot stress how versatile this piece is and one that will see you through from frosty mornings to summer hazy days. Paired today with some black knee high socks to keep my legs warm, my new silver loafers I bagged in the January sales from New Look and worn with the collar zipped all the way up.

Many thanks to Mademoiselle YeYe for gifting. Photo credit to C. Williams.


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