Florals All Year Round ℅ Cupcake Couture Vintage

Florals All Year Round ℅ Cupcake Couture Vintage

Florals – you can wear them all year round right? The high street labels them as a spring print and if they ever peek out when it’s colder, florals are always against dark colours. On the vintage scene, florals are a print that features all year round and them some. My wardrobe contains many crazy colours and prints – florals are no exception. 

What do you think? Just for the spring / summer?


A delightful surprise full of florals!

Recently, I was fortunate to receive a surprise parcel in the post from Cupcake Couture Vintage. If you don’t know about CCV, well they are a gorgeous original vintage brand that sells affordable vintage locally and in the surrounding areas where I live. If you are not located in West Yorkshire, well you can shop online too! Normally seen at vintage pop ups or fairs and events, Cupcake Couture Vintage can be found with a bursting stall full of goodies. 

When they got in touch and wanted to collaborate on a hand picked selection of vintage – well I may have done a little excited dance! After sending over my measurements, I was delighted to receive something in the post shortly after!

First up – A Vintage Floral Dress.

The first to come out of the parcel was this original vintage dress. Vibrant summer florals on a cream background, it has an elasticated waist-band but is also fitted. My all time favourite has to be it’s dramatic collar (they must know me well!) which sits from shoulder to shoulder. Now if you are reading this as soon as it goes live on my blog – you will know that it is October. 

Not exactly the month for florals OR a summer dress right? Wrong!

For the last few weeks now, I have been chatting about how to transition pieces in your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn over on my social channels and blog too. So it is only right that I have a go about styling this piece in a more autumnal way.

Vintage Brooch Cupcake Couture Vintage

ASOS double circle belt Georgia Harrup ootd

Florals Boots Berets

where light glasses Georgia Harrup

Georgia Harrup Florals

Tough as only boots.

If I was wearing this in the warmer months, I would probably pair it with my SunJellies or some flats and a straw hat. However, this is October – so back to the challenge G. Although I rarely wear black, I think that black boots and co-ord belts are an easy way to toughen up floaty florals. Recently, I purchased these boots from ASOS after asking you all on Instagram for some recommendations. 

They are super comfy (also available in wide fit) and I love the lace up mid calf style of them. My belt is also ASOS, although from a few years ago now. For my hair, I was searching for my black beret but my little girl must have hidden it – I can’t seem to find it! Instead, I went for my fluffy cream one and a side bun for my hair. 

Get out of your box. 

Wearing original vintage doesn’t mean you have to “dress in the pin-up way” either. Get out of those boxes that people like to put you in. Instead, wear what you like, how you like it. This look is a mash-up of high street & vintage, but you could style it a bit more high street or even more vintage with little tweaks here and there. 

If you want to try to start wearing a bit more vintage every day, well brands like Cupcake Couture Vintage are the ideal. Their collection is affordable and has a quirky cool edge to it. The selection they sent for me is honestly exactly what I would have picked myself. Keep following my blog to see how I style the rest. 

You can visit Cupcake Couture Vintage here.


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