Flower Crowns & How to Style Them c/o Guns n Posies

Flower Crowns & How to Style Them c/o Guns n Posies

Flower Crowns. They are fabulous aren’t they. I love the way that they add something special to your hair. A perfect finishing touch. When Guns n Posies popped this beauty in the post, I thought all my flower crown dreams had come true.

If you haven’t yet heard of Guns n Posies then you surely have been living under a rock? Makers of floral beauties and bakers of delicious cakes – these gals have it all. You can read my review of their amazing Brookie stack here. But back to flower crowns. Guns n Posies craft all sorts of floral hair pieces and accessories. Their colour combinations are stunning. The craftsmanship, care and attention put into each piece makes them a pleasure to own.

flower-crown - guns and posies

Go high or go home

My face shape is quite round (like a lil peach) so I prefer to go for height when I style my hair. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven right?! Hats, flowers, fancy flower crowns, they are my friends. Dressing in original vintage or even repo means that your outfit is often not the same as those around you. But a hair piece, well that’s just the icing on the cake isn’t it! Your outfit can look completely different with a flower crown or hat.

Now in my wardrobe, I have plenty of flower crowns. Most are on elasticated bands or a headband. Some are actually just loose flowers that I often pin into a crown. Because I often wear a bumper bang fringe, I love to wear a flower crown just behind it for added pizzazz.

Flower crowns

A vintage inspiration!

Recently, I added some fabulous vintage glass beaded jewellery to my collection from the vintage fair at Saltaire. After sharing my purchases on my Instagram stories, it turns out that Guns n Posies were a little bit inspired! Fancy that! Honestly, knowing this warms my heart. They created this fabulous flower crown complete with glass teardrop detail and popped one in the post. As soon as I opened it, I was a little bit smitten I must admit.

I recently wore this at London Edge as it was the perfect finishing touch to my outfit!

Funnily enough, I was also wearing the glass beaded brooch that inspired it! They go so well together.

One fabulous feature to mention is that this one has a curved design which really helps it fit on your head a bit better. Sometimes, other flower crowns can be a bit rigid. This makes them a little tough to stay put. The teardrop glass beads are my all time favourite bit of this piece of course. However, the handy crocodile clips on the underside make sure the hair-piece stays put when worn. 

If you are looking for a custom piece or even a coordinating hair piece, have a wander over to Guns n Posies and check them out for sure. 

Pin it up - a flower crown in your hair

How to:

So I love them because you can wear them so many different ways. Flower crowns look great behind bumper bangs or even with your hair worn down. A half up, half down do or even a bun – the possibilities are endless. One of my favourites is actually hair worn down, a bumper bang in and a flower crown behind the bumper bang.

Style wise, they are so easy to wear. Perhaps a little easier than you think too! Simply style your hair as normal and add said flower crown! Done. Flower crowns just require a little sprinkle of confidence. They will pretty much go with any kind of hair, you just have to go out and rock them. They don’t discriminate and have no age limit! Once made popular at festivals, they are no longer reserved for just the summer.

Hair down - flower crown

Here is some inspiration from Pinterest that may give you a bit more inspiration and hopefully some great ideas to have you wearing one in no time!

However you wear yours, flower crowns are here to stay and absolutely made for you. If you do end up trying one out – make sure you share it with me! Come say hello on Instagram, I would love to hear from you!

Just look how incredible they are – these two beauties are firmly on my Wishlist!




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