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Happy Galentine’s Day!

If you are new to Galentine’s Day, let me fill you in. Every year, the 13th of February is a new hashtag holiday where you can celebrate your bestest gal pals! Personally, I like to send something special to my single gal pals on Galentine’s Day specifically. The day after, they might not receive a Valentine and it is important to me that they know they are still loved. Valentine’s Day is for couples, for those old romantics and an excuse to be lovey dovey on one day.

Well, you don’t just need to do this on one day only! In our house, we are not overly romantic (something I am absolutely fine with btw) but each year we try and make the effort at least. However, I like to look after my gals on the day before and make them feel special on Galentine’s Day.

Galentine's Day

Who run the world? Girls.

This blog post features mostly all the fabulous women that I am lucky to call my gal pals. But I do need to mention that yes, I am in a loving relationship and my husband honestly is my best friend. I would be lost without him! However, I am a girl’s girl through and through. Without the addition of these wonderful people that make up my girlfriends, I would also be left feeling incomplete.

We are friends with people for what they can give us. Yes, you are reading this right. Every friendship should serve a purpose, if it doesn’t then it should go. Some people bring you joy, they bring you a safe space to confide or simply inspire you to be better. Whatever they bring to your life, this is why you are friends with them. Of course, friendships should be both ways and not always a take-take situationship.

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gal pals

Instagram VS Reality.

Over the years, I have formed relationships both online and in “real life.” Some of my favourite ones are when I follow someone on say Instagram, get to know their lives and then meet up with them in person too! It makes everything a bit more real. We share so much of ourselves on social media and sometimes don’t even think how it can inspire or impact others out there too.

In reality, there are ladies in my life that I have met through work, family, other friend’s friends or even other random happenings. But the real gal pals that stick around year after year are the ones that I hold close to my heart. They are the ones that do not judge and accept me for whoever I turned up on their doorstep dressed as.

Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Gifts

If you can’t afford a gift this year but want to recognise your gal pals, there are SO many things you can do. Random acts of kindness, tokens of friendship and ways to show you care are a plenty. Offer to have their children so they can “do something normal.” If they are a single parent, they might just appreciate being able to go shopping on their own without any distractions.

Call in on them, bring them milk or bread or small things that they are running low on. Send them a text out of the blue with a meme or quote that will make them smile. Even just a “thinking of you” will be sure to make them feel loved and appreciated. Sing them a song! There are many things that you can do that don’t cost a penny but are worth a million.


Here’s to you!

Handstanding buddies, vintageish escapaders, late night chatterboxers, love you long timers, finders keepers, famalam, cup of tea and catcher upers, voice noting queenies, day trippers, sunshine adventure-ers, peachy buddies, squat squads, gigglers, just met ya but I like ya’s, cibrarians, super glued stuck on you. THANK YOU for being my so solid crew for lifers.

Happy Galentine’s Day! xx


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