Gingham Beginnings // Lindy Bop Gingham Capri, Blue Bardot & Vintage Headscarf // OOTD

UntitledSo after much thought and deliberation – I decided to finally pop all my writing and blogging onto my store’s blog – Monica Valentine Vintage and here you are. I have blogged for years but mostly here there, everywhere and in-between life. After receiving these gingham beauties from Lindy Bop (my first pair of capri pants actually) and taking the plunge in celebrating my curves, I thought that seen as there are a lot of new beginnings happening – it deserved it’s own blog post.

I went for a size 12 – I am still in between sizes after having my daughter 9 weeks ago and unsure how to dress as most things in my wardrobe still either don’t fit at all or are a tight squeeze. I missed wearing fitted vintage whilst pregnant and now find that I want to put on more pin up shapes and be fabulous with a bit of a booty still. The size 12 was a bit big – after wearing for a bit and was loose fitting so I would probably have a size 10 next time. I love the side zip and the turn up detail at the bottom as well as the high waist. They are super comfy and I love the gingham contrast – although staring at it for too long makes my eyes dizzy.


This is the first time I have tried reproduction retro/vintage style capri pants – but I am hooked. Being a new mum and of course living a hectic and busy lifestyle performing with The Northernettes as well as running Monica Valentine Vintage means that I sometimes need a quick “throw me on and strut out of the door” kinda outfit.  I personally love vintage trousers and do own and sell several pairs but they can be hard to find in your size. The fit is sometimes a little bit pants ( no pun intended ) and you can be in danger of either having a nappy bum or channelling your inner MC Hammer – so you have to be careful and really search. Having just celebrated 2 years of being married to my sweetheart – this was my outfit of the day for our outing. We packed up our brood and popped off to Blackpool for the day to see the sea and munch the candy floss. Much fun was had by all!


Outfit | Gingham Capri Pants –Lindy Bop | Cobalt blue vintage bardot top – | Red & blue spotty vintage Harrods headscarf – | Silver loafers – Office – extremely battered but I love them and practically wear them with everything at the mo!


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