Girls and their curls // How to Style Your Faux Ponytail feat. Atomic Amber

Hello peaches! So I get asked a lot if my hair is my own – yep I grew it all myself, it belongs to me, my crowing jewel, my frizz bomb etc etc. Performing here there and everywhere means that sometimes I have little time to do my hair and I have had to get good at doing quick updo’s and fixes ( I once did my entire hair and makeup on the London Tube on the way to an event!!) I am always looking for inspiration however and even quicker tips and tricks.

I recently met a very sassy lady called Atomic Amber through a retro mum and baby group on Facebook and she has absolutely saved my bacon. Gone are the days when I can leisurely get ready every morning (my little girly is 10 weeks old tomorrow argh!) and although I am getting quicker at putting (okayish) outfits on and giving my makeup a quick spritz – sometimes my hair just does not play ball.

Left to it’s natural devices, my hair produces beach waves that some may coo over – while I despair. It is neither here nor there which really frustrates me and I have to either curl or straighten or try and tame the frizzy beast that sits upon my head somehow. SO – I have recently delved into the world that is faux hair pieces! I already have a sassy poodle piece that is so super simple and a week ago purchased a faux ponytail!

Without the help of Amber’s tutorial however, here is where my blog post would have ended…..

Check out her channel and her YouTube tutorial below:

BUT – thankfully after watching that I had some ideas! SO I set upon this beauty of a task.

I gave my synthetic hair piece a good brush with a paddle brush and also a bit of dry shampoo to try roughen it up and get rid of some of the shine so that it blends better with my natural hair.


Next – Popped most of my hair into a ponytail and pinned it down into a messy bun, leaving a section for my fringe. I actually prefer more height to my hair so I didn’t worry about flattening my bun too much because I wanted my ponytail to sit higher on the bun – but you could flatten it more (like in Ambers video) to get less volume.

I like my hair really secure and even though the faux hair piece has two combs and a drawstring fastening to make it sit on your bun nicely – I used large bobby pins to make sure that this pony was not for the moving. I then pinned my fringe to the side and added a green vintage head scarf to finish!



Scarf & Glasses from my store – | Dress – Thrifted from la chariteeeey shop.

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