Hello 2017 – I Carried A Watermelon….

Untitled Hello Peaches! Something new to kick off 2017 but as always – from my heart! As many of you will know, nine months ago I became a first time mum to a little bundle of sunshine. Flashback to December 2015 and I was not looking forward to the festive season but rather hiding away in fluffy maternity jumpers and the thickets leggings you ever did see. I suffered with terrible SPD (also known as pelvic girdle pain), which meant that I had terrible pains constantly around my pelvis. I had remained fairly active throughout early pregnancy and was still deadlifting barbells and lifting weights at 20 weeks! However, after suffering with SPD, I had to rest and take it easy until my little one was born.

I have been “training” and a lover of weight lifting, cross fit and HIT intervals for the last 4 years now and I was eager to get back into the driving seat after my little girl was born. For me, working out is how I find my peace again. The idea of absolutely exhausting yourself and sweating out all our troubles may seem horrendous to most, but for me – it is how I stay sane. I don’t work out to be “the skinniest” and I don’t lift weights to be the strongest, fastest or the most impressive. I stay healthy so that I can live longer and enjoy life for as many years as possible. I believe that everything must have balance and as a huge lover of cake, a bit of moderation here and there agrees with me nicely.

One thing I find extremely difficult is that by day – I adore brightly coloured clothes and styles but by night (or whenever I visit a gym!) I struggle to find affordable active wear! WELL – look no further than these fun-loving fancies.

 Since “I Carried A Watermelon” – I felt that this wonderful watermelon ensemble was only appropriate in celebration of my newfound post baby curves. The watermelon top comes c/o Pole Addict – Workout Wear (there are matching shorts too – but perhaps my peach is not quite ready for that just yet!) and I love the fit. Perfect for when it is extremely hot in the gym or wherever you work out, if you are not quite confident to rock your midriff – this would look perfect with a loose string or low neckline vest over the top to protect your modesty. I personally love these kinds of tops worn with high waist leggings and often look for a high waist as I feel it holds me in and if I am doing squat thrusts or a similar exercise – everything stays put. Nothing frustrates me more than active wear that you have to constantly pull down or readjust while trying to work out. UntitledUntitled

These glorious watermelon leggings are c/o The Power Of Greyskull – they honestly have literally EVERYTHING in their range from unicorns, flamingos and pineapples to watermelons, sugar skulls and galactic constellations. They also custom make to measurements and provide maternity leggings for us active pregnant ladies too! I absolutely wish I had found them when I was pregnant because I would have most definitely purchased a pair or two. I wore baggier bigger leggings when I was pregnant and worked out simply because I never realised there were companies out there who would cater for me.

I am so in love with these leggings, they wash great, they don’t go see through when stretching or moving and the print is so vibrant and life like. I would 100% recommend The Power Of Greyskull for their active wear having tried and tested this pair and will definitely be adding more pairs to my workout wardrobe in the future!

Next up is a pink coordinating ensemble with another crop top c/o Pole Addict Workout Wear with an actual UNICORN on the front! Why be a horse when you can be a unicorn right?? I adore how girly this is and although I don’t often dress head to toe in pink – when lifting “like a girl” in the weights section (often heavily dominated by males!) I think this is quite appropriate. I have paired this with a high waist pair of leggings that I originally found on Missguided a year or so ago. I love the marble print and behind the knees there are “mesh” panels to help keep you cool while sweating.


Of course what other gym wear do you need than a sassy bottle and bag combo? These two are c/o Ban.do. Ban.do have some seriously fun fitness accessories and I love their tongue in cheek slogans. Of course – who DOESN’T want pizza after a heavy gum sesh? This bottle has a plastic straw inside and a rubber cap, which is handy for avoiding spills. This gym bag has enough room for an extra pair of shoes, a towel, bits and bobs for the shower as well as a change of clothes. There are two handy pockets at each side, a zip fastening and soft leather handles.

All the above was first featured in Vintage Life Magazine in an article I wrote for them back in Decembers issue. They recently re-shared the article on their facebook page and linked the original article, which is now on their blog. You can read it here.

However you intend to keep fit or kick start 2017 – make sure it is in something that is true to your own style and own it with confidence! Untitled

Many thanks to:

Vintage Life Magazine

The Power of Greyskull

Pole Addict – Workout Wear


All images credit to Stevie Cheesman – many thanks for a fab shoot!


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