How I Fell Back In Love with Vintage on Depop

Untitled About 5 years ago, I start selling vintage on Depop. In and amongst performing, I would source, photograph and list vintage each day to sell. I had a real thirst for finding treasures and loved it! Subsequently, life got more hectic and in the way. After having my little girl, I closed my Depop shop down for a bit “putting it on hold” as it is known. It was a real challenge trying to keep up with it all and thereafter it became inactive.

Moving house, taking on more work and my little girl growing up certainly had it’s effects on my free time. Although I had almost but given up, I was still left with bags of stock left over. Up until a week ago, these bags had sat in my shed untouched for close to 11 months. That is, until I decided upon a spring clean.

Pandora’s Box

Curiously, I opened up one of the storage bags to find this stunning 1960s/1970s maxi dress in a flower power print. For the last few times that I had tried this on, it was too small for me and wouldn’t zip up. It now fit like a glove. Although not my style (in terms of the 50s-60s pieces I prefer) I was drawn in by its beauty. You can view my Depop listing by clicking here… 

One true vintage item was all it took. Immediately, I knew that I had to open more bags and continue to find all the treasures that I had previously ignored. Almost as if opening Pandora’s Box with each bag came new discoveries and I fell deeper and deeper in love.

Georgia Vintage On Depop Dress Maxi Floral

Vintage On Depop Maxi Dress Georgia

Vintage on Depop?

Selling vintage on Depop has always been a challenge for me. In the past, I have sold on eBay or via my own private big commerce website and occasionally in facebook selling groups. Depop just seemed to be one of those apps that “all the young kids” were on. Having said that, all the young kids wanted a bargain. The true worth of vintage on Depop was flitting in the wind. Having had a break and subsequently coming back to face it head on, I decided to try again. Recently I have re-launched my Depop store and rebranded using my own name. Now all my social sites and everything is under one roof. You can find me everywhere by searching for Georgia Harrup!

Georgia Harrup On Depop Monica Valentine Vintage

Monica Valentine Vintage

Previously, I have sold vintage online via my store ” Monica Valentine Vintage” predominately named after my Grandma Monica for her love or quirky clothing. During my maternity leave and time off, this has all shut down. It mainly ceased due to me being unable to manage time wise. But, I have no regrets. Running my vintage store was a fabulous passion of mine and I had loved every minute of it. Now, I am back and ready to sell again. Having moved premises, there is more room for glorious vintage stock. Also, I have more time now with my little one being in nursery. My Depop store will hold all unsold vintage pieces from before as well as bits and bobs from my own wardrobe. It is time to downsize, if you are looking for a bargain, visit my store below!

Sometimes we need to quit what we are doing to re-focus. Remembering the reasons why you started and making that decision to carry on and build something bigger and better is key.

Every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise!



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